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Sunday, 5 March 2017

easy miniature quilts

First March Sunday is only half way through and we have had it all - sun, rain, hailstones....yes, it is a miserable Sunday in England.

The first long awaited blossom of new camellia in our garden is here at last,
all soggy;

and the first primula. 

Like every spring, it is all there, just waiting...........

You might remember that I have a young stitching friend, my granddaughter. 
She is working on her new project, a miniature quilt.

This is an interesting applique method, where you don't actually have to stitch the applique pieces to the background fabric individually (to her great pleasure - impatient youth ūüėÄ). 
She just arranged her fabric shapes on a background fabric and secured with a temporary fabric glue (using a glue stick), we "sandwiched" her project as usual (wadding and backing), overlaid the top with a piece of fine tulle (you could use very fine organza), and now she is ready to quilt, which she will be doing on her machine, using just straight lines all over.
 The tulle keeps the shapes secure, as long as you stitch over every shape at least once.

This is a method Julia Gahagan from Home Grown Textiles is using, making her miniature quilts.
You can see her YouTube video here.

                                                         I started hand quilting Chateau Hexagon,

                             and last night I returned to a rather forgotten wool embroidery project.

I hope you are having a better weather where ever you are!

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  1. Here the weather is the same. Only with less rain what is an environmental concern. Since November we have having few rain. Usually our rain months are November, December and January and less rain in following months till Spring arrives. This year the lack of rain are concerning us. We fear that suddenly the very hot weather arrives.
    Your granddaughter is a great pupil and her teacher must be very proud.
    Do you believe that today I just buy a camellia?
    In Porto there are lots of camellias in public and private gardens.Every year there are a week celebrating camellias with exhibitions, workshops and lots of events in several places. In the morning we went to the largest exhibition. I take lots of photos - not sure if they are good - with my phone.
    Hope tomorrow I'll post them. Have a great week

  2. Hi! Dear! Those quilts of yours are so colourful! I love them, as well as the camelias whose pictures you are actually showing. I myself own a camelia tree on me terrace.
    I wish you a pleasant sunshining week.

  3. Interesting technique looks like your granddaughter will become an abide quilter in the future:)

  4. Radka, ty nap√≠Ň°eŇ°, Ňĺe mini deky, ja v tom vid√≠m veńĺdielo!

  5. like you it was raining here in the north.Hoping for better weather today. Such a talented GD you have must have got your genes, garden coming along, here I just have crocus and a few daffodils out

  6. Radha I think your granddaughter is very clever...this is a project she is likely to finish!!! I hope your hand quilting keeps you sane during the wet...

  7. Radka ...What an interesting technique!!.thanks!
    Your quilt is wonderful!!


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