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Monday, 10 April 2017

first Calling All Birds block

Sunday turned out to be just as promised, and yes, we managed BBQ, even the sunshade was needed.
Luckily we had our BBQ early, it got colder as the afternoon went on.

I took my sewing in the garden with me and carried on with the new block; I love stitching outside, the light is so much better then anything inside. 
Later in the evening I finished the first block of the Calling All Birds quilt.
I love doing applique, I like the freedom of it.

Baking Monday - 

I like making bread, I find it very satisfying; although we do buy some, most of our bread is home made.
I like experimenting, mixing various kinds of flour together.
Lately I have been making mainly sourdough types, so I keep a starter in the fridge most of the time.
Today I made a rye bread, similar to German Landbrot.

Thank you for stopping by; I wish you all a very good week, whatever your plans are.

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  1. Radka, máš príjemné posedenie pri dome, tam sa určite dobre šije! Nový blok je krásny!
    Nuž a chlebík na zjedenie!

  2. The bird block is very cute and the bread looks delicious!

  3. Such a lovely place to sit and stitch! Your block is very cute...and the bread looks delicious!

  4. a lovely bird block, bread looks appertising. Here the weather has changed but think it has for you too

  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog, and leaving your fotprints! Your stiching looks wonderful, and your house and garden as well! I wish you a Happy Easter! :-)

  6. Hi Radka - your bird block looks great now it is finished. The bread looks great too. I saw some of that extra strong flour in Sainsbury's the other day - do you find it better than the normal strong flour? We are off to Sidmouth today - enjoying the sunshine although the wind is quite chilly at times. xx

  7. Such a lovely garden, dear Radka.
    I do love to bake my own bread too. Yours looks to be delicious.

  8. How delicious the bread looks. I would like to try a piece. Wish you much pleasure embroidering your projects. Happy Easter , dear Radka !

  9. Hello Radka ,Calling all birds is going to be a pretty quilt,the fabrics are lovely. The bread looks yum ,I have started to bake some bread lately.Enjoy the sun. Happy Easter to you.

  10. The bird block is so pretty. I love the bright colours you used. And your bread looks amazing!!

  11. The colorful birds and trees are cheerful. Then your great looking bread is certainly mouth-watering. All of this post prompts a reader to do something similar.


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