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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

that's April,

during past 48 hours we had it all - sun, rain, snow, rainbow, hail storm..........

These are not flower petals on the ground, they are hail stones.

And I have been playing with more blocks for Calling All Birds quilt, sewing Courthouse Steps blocks. They look little wonky in this picture, I rushed the "photo shoot" and did not pin them out properly.
I will need 8 of these in total.

I hope April has been more kind to you!

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  1. Pretty blocks. Crazy weather.

  2. such colourful blocks Kaffe fabrics? Like you we had the tremendous hail but not the snow or the rainbow! I was surprised that the tulips survived the hail as it was so big and lasted for quite a while but all seem to have survived. Still vert cold but fingers crossed may will come in warmr

  3. Hi Radka - we have had the cold north wind but very little of the promised rain that we could so do with. I hope the hail stones did not do too much damage. xx

  4. Nothing like British weather!
    Lovely blocks.

  5. How beautiful your blocks are , fresh, spring colors !
    Dear Radka , I hope not all your flowers are broken !
    Years ago we had an hale storm, my garden was kompletely damaged .

  6. Lovely blocks.
    Here we need so much some rain... The weather in February and March was so hot it seemed summer time. April begun with same weather - it's good but countryside is yellow not green as used to be in Spring. We are a little bit anxious with such a lack of water. It seems this weekend we'll have some rain, some not too much suddenly.
    Have a better weekend, Raina


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