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Monday, 8 May 2017

baking Sunday

Yesterday I decided to bake something I haven't done before.
 I had some pistachios I needed to use up, and when I was browsing through my cook books, I found a good recipe in this one (one of mine favourite baking books); 
lime cake with pistachios and almonds, using honey instead of sugar and olive oil instead of butter.

Following instructions, I always forget that my oven bakes little faster; 
I think I managed to get the cake out just in time!

Despite the slightly burnt sides, it tastes really nice, moist and not too sweet;
and with a dollop of creme fraiche it's just the thing to go with afternoon coffee.

There is a new addition to our garden, new clematis to be grown in a pot.

This is Clematis "Alaina" (I love the name), from Taylors Clematis Nursery , from the "Boulevard" collection - small enough to be grown on the patio.

It has been a very windy week in our part of the world, and again very little rain.
We have been saving all the water from the kitchen, to keep the garden going.
The quince blossom came and went quite quickly, being blown away, 
but I managed to get a picture of this pretty flower.

Thank you for stopping by, 
I wish you all a very good week!

© 2017


  1. Radko, dortík vypadá úžasně a clematis má nádhernou barvu!
    Posílám pozdravy, Helena

  2. That cake looks delicious!

  3. How funny! I bought that clematis too, although I think it is called Alina. I did not realise it was so small though and only grows to 4'. I have planted it against my fence in a new flower bed. I just hope it doesn't get lost next to the vigorous honeysuckle. It is very floriferous and a wonderful colour.

  4. Radka, koláčik musel byť výborný, med a pistácie - to ja mám rada!

  5. interesting reading about the cake ingredients looks yummy and your flowers are glorious

  6. Yummy it does look delicious:)

  7. Your cake looks and sounds delicious! Beautiful clematis. Still finding stuff in the garden that was caught by the frost - fortunately everything else seems to be growing rapidly despite the lack of rain. I have a huge crop of broad beans. xx

  8. Tonight we had 5 cm snow and -3 degrees.I am not happy.So I left my garden and went to England:
    Hope you can see this program.The swedish team work whit a garden in Skåne and they go to England to visit some beautiful gardens.
    Perhaps something for you with your wonderful garden.

  9. Oh, how delicious your cake looks, I would like to try something of it.
    How beautiful in your garden everything blooms, here it is still too cold.

  10. A new recipe is always a challenge , the cake sounds good, creme fraiche on the side - a winner. Cooking books outnumber all the books we get in the Op Shop Books and I am amazed at just how many recipes there are out there, always something new to try. Enjoy the Clematis I have the same colour growing ,but it has gone to sleep for this season.


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