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Friday, 26 May 2017

road to Malvern

Summer has arrived at last this week, today we had some 26C in our part of the world.
It was a very different story last week; DH and I planned to leave for Malvern on Wednesday; when we woke up in the morning we could hear a steady rain, the kind which is in for the day; no need to rush then, it wasn't ideal driving weather.
But we decided to keep to the plan and stop on route to visit Snowshill Manor  (NT property).

This is a sixteen century country house in Gloucestershire, but known now more for its twentieths century owner, Charles Paget Wade, who bought the house not to live in, but to house his vast collection. Of what? You might well ask!
He had a great interest in craftsmanship, and during his life he collected some 22,000 objects.
His motto was "Let nothing perish".
He himself lived in a small cottage in the garden.
He gave the property and his collection to National Trust in 1951. 

We arrived about midday and by the time we walked from the car park to the house, we were like two drowned rats. But it was worth it.

There are so many different objects here, that it is impossible to categorize; there are toys, bicycles, musical instruments, clocks, models of ships, furniture, even a collection of Samurai amour.
The collection is kept under a low light, and of course no flesh is allowed to protect it. So I can show you only a very small part of it.

He lived in this small cottage.

Because of the weather we did not explore the garden, but we hope to visit again.

We arrived to our accommodation in Malvern in the late afternoon; it stopped raining by then; 
we were staying at The Wyche Inn in Malvern Hills;

with this view from our bedroom window, overlooking the showground below

and Malvern itself.

The view behind the pub was far reaching too, into Wales.

Our room at the pub was comfy, the food basic but very good and DH could get a decent pint.
What else do we need? ūüėÄ

Tomorrow is showtime!

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  1. such an interesting NT property so much to see This must have been one of the biggest collections of all sorts there is. Loving the dolls and the swing box etc. Lovely views from your B & B too. Hope to read about the quilt how soon

  2. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog by chance. I'm very glad to have found it! This post is great. I don't get to travel to the UK as much as I would like so I really enjoyed the account of your visit to this NT property. Perhaps an excuse for a future trip. PS I also love quilting. Looking forward to your post on the Malvern quilt show.

  3. Such a wonderful collection! Thanks for sharing.
    Waiting or the last news about quilting

  4. Hi Radka
    I also went to the quilt show at Malvern - on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing your photos. I thought it was a lovely show although I don't quilt these days. Lots of temptation for those who were seeking fabric!

  5. Kr√°sny v√Ĺlet to bol, ani ten d√°ŇĺńŹ nevadil!
    Dík za kus histórie!

  6. Another NT house that is on my list of places to visit - one day! So thanks for sharing your pictures Radka - what an amazing collection. xx


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