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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Calling All Birds

Suddenly our summer arrived, pulling the hot air from the continental part of Europe. It is HOT, 31C today in my part of the world (yes, I know, it is probably much hotter where you are, but for us - it's just hot). 
It is too hot to sew, my fingers just don't want to hold a needle of any kind.  
I am spending my days looking for a shade; good time to catch up with some reading.
But last week, before the thermometer went wild, it was just right, 
a proper "in the garden stitching weather", 
and I finished the binding on my quilt.

It has been ready to blog about for a week now, but I felt my quilt is rather insignificant; I felt and feel a great sadness about so many lives lost - in Manchester bombing, Grenfell Tower fire in London, forest fires in Portugal............

So here it is, "Calling All Birds", designed by Linda Guy, published in Quiltmania's "Simply Moderne"" magazine.
I really enjoyed making this one; easy and not too large to be get tired of.
I love the bright fabrics, and of course, I love applique.
I hand quilted it, using Finca cotton thread no16.

I loved stitching the birds and I was tempted to put some more on, 
but in the end I decided that Linda got it just right.

It is hot sitting here in front of the computer, so I am going back outside to the shade of the tree.

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  1. It really is a lovely bright summery cheerful finish - I love it. 35 here today, I think the whole of Europe is getting the heatwave. xx

  2. I love how your bird quilt turned out. And in record time too. Yes, it's hot here too and very dry. So a bit of rain wouldn't go amiss. Tomorrow a thunderstorm is forecast, so maybe we'll be lucky.

  3. what a lovely quilt have enjoyed watching this come to life. It will cool down now as Glastonbury is about to start and no doubt heavy thunderstorms too!

  4. A really beautiful finish. Enjoy your reading in the shade.

  5. Here is the hell - unbelieve (-

  6. The quilt is lovely and cheerful, almost waiting to hear the birds chirp! Your hand quilting is beautiful.

  7. I love everything about this! So beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous finish! Nicely done!

  9. You've done a great job! So pleased you enjoyed making it. Its been an awful time for people in England. we are fortunate we sew and create to take our minds away to another place :)

  10. ooh. this is gorgeous. i just love your fabric choices. you have definitely made it wonderful! xo

  11. The quilt has turned out beautifully Radka. Your hand quilting is lovely. I just love the look of hand quilting and enjoyi doing it also. Happy summer!

  12. oh! how gorgeous! I love that magazine... but it's quite expensive here in Australia... and I am torn between fabric and the book. xoxo


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