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Thursday, 1 June 2017

the last instalment

Our short holiday was coming to an end; one last look at the view of Malvern, 
in the early morning mist; time to go home.

But there was one more stop to make, one more place to visit, while we were passing so close anyway - 
The weather changed again, cold and dull, getting worse my the minute.
By the time we arrived at Hidcote, out car thermometer was showing just 12C outside, it was wet and windy.
Not an ideal day to visit a famous garden, but despite the weather, the car park was filling up fast and, with cars and coaches.

To the left of the Manor House is a small entrance to something wonderful,
one of the best known Arts & Crafts gardens in Britain.

Hidcote was bought by an American, Gertrude Winthrop, in 1907, but it was her son, Lawrence Johnston, who took 30 years to create the "garden of rooms", and then in 1948 he gave it to the National Trust .

This is a real treat for any gardener, and I spent a couple of hours juggling my umbrella with my camera, hands red and blue with cold, but I was determined to take as many pictures as I could. Sometimes I had to wait few minutes for groups of people to move on, to get a clear shot.
And I know I did not see everything.
Later at home I spent some time editing them, adding more light; the day was so dull.

The planting at Hidcote is seasonal, so as to have plenty of interest at any time of year.
Right now it is a transition between spring and summer.
I want to come back here again, hopefully on a better day...
Enough of that; I hope you will enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Beautiful photos. I am sure we went there on our trip in 2013. Lovely to see the gardens at a different time of year. We were there in autumn. Makes me want to do another trip there again.

  2. What a great trip, and such beautiful photos!

  3. what amazing gardens and your photos beautiful I would never have guessed that it was raining, personally would not have a clue how to edit them like you have perfection

  4. What a wonderful garden and I think it has come rain there:-)).I love among all the blue-rain.Hope it is called so in english.Thanks that you showed us these.Did you see some more programs från Trädgårdsliv? They visited a wonderful garden too.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I recognize most of the flowers but some are just exotic. I can imagine how the garden changes during the Summer and Autumn.

  6. Thank you for showing us your beautiful photos of Hidcote. It is one of my favourite places. It is always so immaculate and feels like it is from a time past.

  7. It looks stunning Radka - thank you. xx

  8. Thanks for taking us to the garden, it looks a beautiful place. Shame the weather was so cold for you.

  9. wow. i've seen this garden on a TV episode.... and what a marvel it is.

    Your photographs are inspired. The angles and framing are wonderful. sometimes I can almost smell the flowers.

    thank you thank you thank you. from gropical far north Queensland Australia.


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