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Friday, 11 August 2017

more EPP

After complaining about the weather in my previous post, the next morning the sun came out and we had a nice summer day.
My blue "play cloth" made its outing into the garden (so rare this summer).

I was just playing with some ideas.

Did that really happened? Because we are back indoors today, too cold to sit outside.
What a strange summer we are having!

Beautiful clematis "Polish Spirit", planted earlier this year, 
is doing well, despite the weather.

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  1. Beautiful fabrics! Our weather is very hot! Too hot to sit outside and stitch.

  2. Your "play cloth" it an interesting project as you seem to be adding details to something one could consider a finished quilt top. Lovely! Your garden is beautiful. I just have day lilies and a rose in bloom in addition to the annuals in pots and boxes. A tail of the heat wave in Central Europe hit us yesterday so we had a warm day with 24 C; otherwise just cool days and often rain too.

  3. Hello Radka,

    wonderful Work, fabriks und Flowers;-)
    Have a neice Weekend....

    LG Klaudia

  4. Hello Radka, Glad everything is ok .It is a awful time. I have had a whole year of test results and hospitals for my dear husband and you can't concentrate on anything much .I am sewing again now after losing my husband a few months ago now. I have started catching up here and seeing all the lovely projects again.Funny weather you are having.

  5. your playcloth is going to be such a work of art when completed. Believe it or not did not need a coat all weekend in Birmingham at FOQ but today the rain is back

  6. Pretty diamonds Radka. Hot here again today - building up to a storm tonight. Fortunately the next week or so looks good as family from Taunton arrive on Friday. xx


  7. I love the colours from your garden along with your EPP.
    I usually find stitching a great therapy, when stressed. Like you, I choose those methods that don't require too much concentration.


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