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Tuesday, 3 October 2017


Avery different house from the previous one.
Landhydrock near Bodmin is a huge house;
there are 50 (FIFTY!) rooms to explore.

Again, we were lucky with the weather and so we started with the autumn gardens.

Into the house........

Lets start "below the stairs".

One can only imagine what used to be roasted here...

At the top of the house were the servants rooms.

And now into the nursery and Nanny's room...

And now just some of the rest...

We all need a little rest now......ūüėÄ

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  1. Radka, to je n√°dhera! ńéakujem za zdielanie, pohladilo mi to ońći :-)

  2. Wonderful, beautiful visits you've done.
    In fact I believe you need to rest.

  3. Thanks for the tour. What a gorgeous estate.

  4. Amazing visit you made!
    Great pictures.

  5. Wow Radka,thankyou for the beautiful pics and sharing this with us,such an amazing home,i have only seen rooms like this in the movies,so much history in your pics,thankyou xx

  6. Thank you Radka for another brilliant visit. Love the ghostly figures! What an amazing place. xx

  7. I have so enjoyed your visit to Llanhydrock Radka, What a pleasure to see this lovely house with all the items of daily life in times gone by.
    Those gardens are so immaculate, just loved your photo of the lake. Thank you for showing us your photos.

  8. Radko, díky za tu exkurzi! Opravdu jsem se pokochala!
    PŇôeji kr√°sn√© dny, Helena


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