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Saturday, 4 November 2017

getting there with St Germain and woolly plans

Sigh of relief! 
The last piece of applique on St Germain quilt border no 4 is done!

I spent most of the evenings this week 
snipping away all the fabric behind the applique pieces to reduce the bulk.

It was a long job, but all done now, and I can stitch the borders on and think about the backing.
I have lots of fabrics left over from this project, so I think I might use it to make up a piece for the back.
With winter evenings coming I am thinking something "woolly".

Last year I made a wool embroidered cushion,

but this year I would like to have a go at wool applique.

I love some of the folk inspired designs and I like Sue Spargo's designs, but when I saw a pattern by Erica Kaprow, 
I instantly fell in love with it 
and this morning the postman delivered it.

It comes in a form of a leaflet, 
but cleverly has its own folder to keep the loose pattern sheets in.
I like that.

I am thinking of using wool felt instead of wool fabric. Wool fabric is more expensive, and unless you dye your own (not something I want to get into), the choice of colours is not so great.
I already have some hand dyed wool felt (bought at various shows) in my stash. You see, you just never know when something comes handy! 😉
For my cushion I used wool felt as the background and it worked well, but I am even contemplating using dark fabric, possibly batik, which I would stabilise.

I made this wool sampler at a workshop with Madeleine Millington.
She was using dyed blankets, which she brought to the class.
It was fun to make, and my first taste of wool applique (or any applique for that matter), but the whole thing is rather thick.

Something to think about.....

In the garden the delphinium and the clematis started flowering again, and the camellia thinks the spring is just around the corner.

I think they are in for a shock soon!

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  1. I look forward to seeing this wool applique.

  2. Beautiful applique! I can see why you fell in love with that book....gorgeous designs. You have such a lovely garden x

  3. Hi Radka wow your borders are amazing,what a beautiful quilt this will be.
    You will enjoy your wool work i feel its a bit addictive.,love your cushion.
    Radka your garden is amazing thankyou for sharing xx

  4. My what patience to snip all those bits away! Not to mention your patience with all that applique. The borders look amazing. The Erica patterns are lovely and what a great idea with the folder. Have fun. xx

  5. Hello Radka, I love the applique borders. I must say hand applique is my favourite patchwork method. The wool work will be interesting & I'll look forward to seeing your great colour sense in that work also.


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