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Friday, 29 December 2017

feeling woolly

I hope you all had a nice Christmas, I certainly did.
But I also like this quiet time after. 
With the hustle and bustle of Christmas behind me, I just like to relax and think about possible new projects for the coming year.

But there is one very, very old project which I have returned to this week.

I stared knitting a wool jacket 6 years (!!!) ago. 
I always knew it was going to be a long term project, although I never thought it would take me this long.
It is a jacket from the book "Poetry in Stitches" by Norwegian designer Solveig Hisdal. 
It is knitted using Norwegian technique - knitted the whole body in one piece on a circular needle and then cutting into it for openings. 
I bought the wool (dyed specially for the projects in this book) directly from the factory in Norway .

This week I finished the main body at last, and started knitting the sleeves. 

I really hope that 2018 will be the year I will wear the jacket at last!

I have been wanting to play with some wool applique for some time, and today at last I got around to starting a small picture.
I am using some wool felt, rather then wool fabric, simply because it is cheaper and easier to get hold of. 
Also, instead of using a wool background, I am using this black fabric, just because I like fabric and I want to see how it will work together. I stabilised the fabric with Iron On Vilene, which should support the felt better. 

I hope you'll also get some time to yourselves this week for some little crafting at least.

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  1. Hi Radka beautiful work my friend ,happy New Year xx

  2. Oh! that jacket is so beautiful. I tremble to think about cutting into it for the sleeves though. Wool is nice to work with in these cold winter days. Enjoy!

    Best woshes for the new year with interesting projects to enjoy.

  3. The wool jacket is really pretty pattern. Hopefully we'll see it soon and you are wearing it :)

  4. What a lovely woolen Jacket Radka. It will be spectacular when completed. You are very brave to knit it then cut into it. I love the colours of the felt, I'm keen to see the finished item. Kay.


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