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Monday, 15 January 2018

I found it!

My new applique project, that's what I am talking about 😀

I mentioned in my last post that I miss having a needleturn applique project,
and I have been browsing the internet for some ideas;
so many great designs out there, so hard to choose.

But I did not need to look very far - there is a book on my bookshelf, which I have picked up (and put down again) many times. 
This time I did not put it back on the shelf, because this is just what I have been looking for.
Irene Blanck's book is full of beautiful designs and the only problem is - 
which one to choose?

In the end I decided on "Gardenhurst", so this is my new applique quilt for this year.

Little too much beige and brown for my taste, but I love the design!
This is what happens in my room at the start of any new project - fabrics pulled out from my stash to see what can be used for the new quilt, what goes with what.

Needless to say that a shopping trip was needed, 
so I popped over to my favourite quilting shop  Midsomer Quilting in Chilcompton and came home with some possibles. 

(By the way, the nice people at Midsomer Quilting have asked to spread the word that the new shop is up and running. Apparently some people had the impression that they closed the previous shop at the Chilcompton Garden Centre to concentrate on their on-line business only.   
Both the shop at the new premises at the Manor Farm in Chilcompton, and their new online shop are up and running!)

 In the end I decided on mainly pale greys and yellows for the background,

and here is the start of the first block!

 I traced the pattern onto the fabric using my new LED light pad
( Christmas present, which I did ask Father Christmas for 😉).
It is a very handy A3 size, just the right size for the desk top.

For marking the fabric I am now using Sewline marker or the pencil, 
which both come with an erasers. 
I find them so easy to use and wipe of.

(I did try in the past to use Frixon erasable pens, and at the time it looked like a good idea, but since then the makers of the Frixon pens did say again that they are made to be used on the paper, not on the fabric,
and I did read about instances where it did seemed to work very well on a fabric, only for the marks to come back again much later, after the quilt was finished.
How upsetting!) 

I am looking forward to this!

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  1. A wonderful new project, dear Radka. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. It locks so wonderful and I think after a creative chaos you have found many great fabrics for this project. Good Luck!!Father Christmas is a nice man:-))

  3. I love Irenes work. Beautiful choice you have made and your applique is wonderful. The first block is looking great. Happy needleturn x

  4. The should keep you busy for a bit. A beautiful design. I much prefer your choice of background too. Happy New Year, btw.

  5. Yes, I like this choice for your new quilt. Also think your colour changes will be effective. Always exciting to start a new project (good idea for a new year too)

  6. Looks like the perfect project for you and I am sure that your colour selection will be stunning. Looking forward to watching your progress. xx

  7. Oh Radka, that looks perfect for those of us who love applique. I also love the colours of the fabrics, from your purchase. They are beautiful.
    That looks like a grand start

  8. A lovely project Radka, I saw it in person when Irene stayed here with me last year. I shall look forward to seeing your progress.


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