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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

LandScape and Dorset Buttons

LandScape magazine is probably the most popular magazine in our house (besides craft magazines, of course!), and the only one DH and I subscribe, and we both equally enjoy.
It has something for everyone - gardening, various crafts, food recipes, visits to British countryside, as well to its towns and gardens.....and very few adverts. It is being published every other month, plus two special issues a year. 
It has been so popular that the publishers have now decided to change it to a monthly magazine.

The reason I am telling you this? 
In the latest issue just out, there is a very interesting article about Dorset Buttons, its origins, and about one woman, Anna McDowell, keeping the craft alive.

Her website is called Henry's Buttons , where you can read all about the history of Dorset buttons, and various events and workshops; for her blog click here.

I had a go at making few Dorset buttons myself in the past, and I also wrote a post about them in April 2010:

The history of Dorset buttons goes back to 1700, when this craft was brought to England by ex-soldier Abraham Case. When in the army, he was stationed in Belgium and France, where he probably saw lace and buttons being made.

On his return he settled in Shaftesbury, Dorset and set up the Dorset button cottage industry. Dorset buttons were used on court dress and also exported to North America and Europe. At the peak of the production there were about 1,000 employed by the industry.

In 1859 the Ashton's Button machine was invented, which was the end of the cottage industry and livelihood of many people.
There had been attempts to revive the craft in the past and lets hope it will not be forgotten.

You can see that post here .

Below are my Dorset buttons.

May be they could be used as establishments for a quilt? 

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  1. Hi Radka ,what a lovely magazine,i love dorset buttons xx

  2. Those Gardenhurst blocks are so beautiful...what a job you are doing on them. Also love these dorset buttons; I had never heard of them and found the background interesting. Thanks!

  3. I too love Dorset buttons and have been getting Anna's newsletter for a while now. I particularly love those little posy buttons. I had not heard of Landscape so shall look out for it when I am next in UK. xx


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