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Sunday, 25 February 2018

last Gardenhurst block

Today is cold, but clear and sunny Sunday; 
last night I finished the last Gardenhurst block.
I left this one to the end for a couple of reasons; when preparing the background fabric, I cut this one too small 
("measure twice, cut once" and all that ūüėí) and because I did not have enough fabric to cut another piece, I had to join a bit to it.  
It isn't probably going to show in the grand scheme of things, but I know it is there .....

Secondly, from the picture you can see that this is where Irene Blanck signed her quilt, but I don't want to do that; 
I prefer to sign my quilts on the back, so I had to slightly "redesign" this block.

So, this is it;
all the blocks will now have to be trimmed to size
(which I forgot about and was very free with the space I used, so it could be a slight problem when joining the blocks together; we'll see...), and I also need to think about the border.
The original pattern has a wavy border, which I don't want. This quilt will hang on the wall and it is easier to hang it with a straight border.

I am very pleased that most of the applique fabrics, and some background fabrics came from my stash.
As for the border, I just might have something in my stash also; I'll see if it works when the blocks are stitched together.........

Thank you for visiting my blog,
I wish you a busy stitching week!

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  1. The blocks look wonderful together as does your last block. Can't wait to see how they look sewn together. No pressure though ;)! xx

  2. Beautiful blocks! I like your last one. Here are a sunny day too, but at last we are waiting for rain tomorrow - "they say" - we are much in need of rain. Water is too precious. I don't like raining but hope it rains tomorrow. Have a good week as well ( i think my link is now fixed, thanks)

  3. The blocks all look lovely together. Looking forward to seeing them all joined.

  4. The blocks will look delightful together. When I did do patchwork, the joining was the part I did not enjoy. Given the weather forecast, you might make more good progress this week. Best place to be!

  5. I do like your interpretation of the final block. It will be great to see them all together. xx


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