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Friday, 2 March 2018

and it snowed

We had a snow blizzard yesterday afternoon and evening, 
and this is our garden this morning.

What came down the rest of the night was rain, which froze when it hit clear surfaces;
our windows this morning.

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  1. Hi Radka! Yesterday finally start raining but also a strong wind. We are in need of so many rain but without storm or disasters... The weather is crazy and because of humans. Too hot in summer - fires! - too cold in winter . Portugal is no more a country with temperate climate
    I haven't received your email about needles, sorry, I've corrected my profile in blogger

  2. Back home today from Spain and just watching Points West and seeing all the problems in the west. My stepson took us on a Skype tour around their house to see the snow and freezing rain. Sadly granddaughter Emily unable to make a snowman as it is the 'wrong sort of snow'! Keep warm. xx

  3. That is a lot of snow in a short time! The Beast from the East lives next door so we are used to the cold and the snow, but in Southern Finland all weather conditions are moderate. For the past week we had under -20C every night but -10 to -15 in daytime. With wind it felt like -30, but luckily it is a dry cold.

  4. We are pretty much snowed under in Lincolnshire too, it gave me a perfect excuse to have time off and sew for the last couple of days. x

  5. At last you got some lovely snow:-))).I have too much in my garden now.

  6. Hello Radka, It looks freezing seeing your garden covered with snow and windows iced. You certainly can't go in the garden to stitch . Not long to wait for warmer weather.


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