Sunday, 18 March 2018

and it snowed....

Only two days ago I was posting the first spring flowers in our garden, 
and this morning we woke up to this:

All signs of spring covered up.....

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  1. Even more than here on Öland:-)).It´s so sad,we want spring and flowers.

  2. Winter isn't over until it's over! Everyone is just ready for spring to arrive.

  3. Ohh...No, not spring but it looks beautiful.

  4. Does look pretty but such a shame to cover up the first signs of spring. xx

  5. It does look beautiful but it must be disappointed when you thought Spring was about to appear x

  6. This snow is the beginning of springfield. Beuatiful pictures!

  7. Oh! but it makes your garden so beautiful and you have some lovely photos. It has been a cold and prolonged winter, brave pansies and primroses seem to cope so well with being covered up. Brave little ladies!


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