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Thursday, 12 April 2018


The usual April show at the Bath & West Showground. 
It is not a large show, and I am not sure I would travel a great distance for it, 
but being local to me, 
it is always worth a visit; it is not a bad way to spend a morning, because that is all it takes me to have a look around.
Some of my favourites are not here this year, but there are some 
I haven't seen here before.
It is a show which has something for everyone, in small measures.

  It was good to see 21st Century Yarns , first time in many years. 
Their small stand is packed with hand dyed threads, felt, fabrics, all in wonderful colours. 
This was where I left most of my cash this morning.

I could not come away without some fat quarters (predictably),

I found some small embellishments, always handy to have... 
I know a little girl who will love the owls.

It is always nice to see some new local crafts people here.

I will leave you today with some pictures from our little garden; despite all the bad weather, spring is coming....

Even the herb patch is waking up.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Great purchases - I love the felt and threads from 21st Century. Gorgeous pictures of your garden. xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures of Spring flowers and I love your new header. Glad to hear you had a lovely visit to the craft show. xx

  3. I too love your new header. Very nice treasure you bought home. The raindrops are pretty on those blossoms x

  4. So nice to see new life in your spring garden Radka. Camellia looks lovely. Also like the threads from 21st Century, they are always so tempting, I feel sure my cash would have gone there too.

  5. Lovely purchases, beautiful garden pictures and new header.

  6. Some wonderful show purchases there, always fun to find something special at those shows. I went to a small show last month and lucked out. Wonderfil who make Sue Spargo's threads were there, they are based in Calgary Alberta. They had a sampler pack of her new wool threads but we couldn't find a price on them. The gal couldn't find it in her paperwork so she gave me the five for $15 which I think is an excellent deal.

    Love your flower photos, you look a bit behind us but not much.

  7. Gorgeous pictures of Spring flowers and I love your new header. Glad to hear you had a lovely visit to the craft show. xx


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