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Monday, 9 April 2018

follow up

Thank you for your comments on my previous post.

Please, do not close down your blogs just because you are not sure how the new regulation will effect you.
The thing to do is to find out, there is time. My intention wasn't to "spook" you, just to alert you to it.

I think that by now we all know that whenever we use the internet, in whatever form, we are leaving our "footprint" behind, be it our name, email address, IP address, etc...., we are doing it at our own risk, there is nothing new there.
We have been trusting various companies and organisations with our personal details, be it social media sites, shopping sites, banks, doctors.......We took for granted that they are protecting it, but as we are finding out now, it is not always the case. So the new regulation should be welcome.
I don't know how safe they can make it, there always seems to be someone else "ahead of the game", 
and so, I am sure, there will be more regulations in the future, this is an ongoing process.
I know that my computer had been hacked into in the past, because I started to receive emails from contacts in my private address book, with some very strange links in them. 
I deleted the emails without following the links, and I changed my password. A couple of weeks ago I received a message from my internet provider telling me that my account has been "compromised" and they suspended it. A phone call and a new password sorted that out, and it was good to know that someone is looking after me.

I can't advise you what you should do about your blog, I can only tell you what I am doing about mine.

This is still a "work in process", but there are some things to consider :

We are already getting a message about cookies, whenever we visit someone's blog, so it is a personal choice to carry on or not.

Do you sell from your blog? If you do, you should look at that. I don't, so it doesn't apply.

Do you send a newsletter from your blog? If you do, you need to look at that. I don't, so it doesn't apply.

Do you keep a contact list connected to your blog (if you do any of the above, you probably do), so again it is something you should consider. I don't, so it doesn't apply.

There are a couple of small changes I have made to my blog already.
I deleted "Follow me by email" from my side bar, simply because I don't understand what happens if anyone signs up to that - am I storing their email address somewhere on my blog? I don't know, but I don't need this to be able to run my blog.

I have also deleted "share" gadget; again, I am not exactly sure what it shares, but it is not essential to my blog.

I will probably delete "Interesting Links" from the side bar, as soon as I'll have time to go through them and store the chosen ones privately on my computer. This could be an overreaction on my part, but I don't think many people actually visit there, and again, it is not essential.

I don't think there is much more I can do, for now anyway. Surely the rest is up to Blogger/Google, they are the ones providing a service, and storing our data. 

I am a subscriber to newsletters from various sites, and I have already been contacted by some of them (National Trust just today, Quiltmania magazine last week...), asking me to re-register for their newsletter, if I still want to receive it after 25th May. And I expect to hear from others.
They are obviously getting ready for the deadline next month; it is good to know that.

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  1. Thank you for making your readers think about this question. I don't believe it has much effect on bloggers who are not a business.

  2. Sensible advice Radka. Thank you. xx

  3. Interesting information Radka, so far I've not been contacted by any businesses I follow with renewing my subscribing information. Will have to wait and see what arrives.

  4. So nice to see new life in your spring garden Radka. Camellia looks lovely. Also like the threads from 21st Century, they are always so tempting, I feel sure my cash would have gone there too.


  5. Thank you for your tips on this, going to check mine now. :)


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