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Sunday, 8 April 2018

The new General Data Protection Regulation - how does it effect my blog?

The new EU GDPR (or DSGVO in German) comes into force on 25th May 2018.
Yes, I think that we all understand that there is a big need for more data protection, specially after the whole Facebook revelation.
I am little slow when it comes to the technical side of my blog. Yes, I have been hearing about the new data protection legislation in making, but naively, I had not made a connection with my blog. 
It was only when I came across a debate on the subject on some, mainly German blogs, that I suddenly became aware that yes, it effects us bloggers as well, as we are very much a part of the social media. Some of the bloggers are even talking about closing their blogs down, because they do not understand the implication to their blog, and they do not want to be paying fines for breaching, and like probably most of us, can't afford to pay for a legal advice.
The legal side of the new legislation is overwhelming; apparently this is not a case of just ticking boxes.
I set down last night (too late in the evening in fact, and went to bed with a headache), trying to find out little more on the subject. Of course there is a lot of info out there, but it is mainly aimed at companies and organisations, most of which already have IT and a legal teams behind them.
A couple of the websites I was reading last night, where you can read more ; here  and  here .

One hopes that Blogger has already been sorting this out behind the scenes.  
So, what changes do I personally (if any) need to make to my blog to comply with the new regulation? The Blogger Help pages are not very helpful - they say they can't advise on legal matters.
Great. And there doesn't seem to be anything in Blogger Setting one could just tick 😕

The option of closing down my blog really doesn't appeal, I am enjoying it too much and it has become a part of my life. So, for now I am just collection some information.
It could be just a "storm in a teacup", but if any of you know or understand more on this subject, please share.

I quote from https://www.eugdpr.org/gdpr-faqs.html:

What constitutes personal data?Any information related to a natural person or ‘Data Subject’, that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the person. It can be anything from a name, a photo, an email address, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information, or a computer IP address.

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  1. Radka, to sa čudujem o čom to píšeš. Ja som doteraz nič o uzatvorení blogov nečítala. Pozrela som tvoje odkazy, ale škoda, že po anglicky neviem :-(
    Snáď to nebude také zlé pre naše blogovanie, bola by to škoda, lebo fakt aj pre mňa je to už dôležitá činnosť.

  2. Radka,I get nervous now:-)).Because I don´t know what this is about.
    Perhaps better stop blogging:-((.

  3. Oh dear. Well thank you for alerting me to this Rakda. Something that will have to be thought about for sure. xx

  4. I am also interested in reading more about this!

  5. I do believe this is just a storm in a tea cup. You don't sell anything (neither do I) nor do you use affiliated links. So how can this new data regulation affect us with our blogs about quilting and cooking! I intent to sit tight and wait and see. xx

  6. Oh boy Radka this all sounds very confusing i will just wait and see what happens,thankyou for telling us about this xx

  7. I too am not very up to date on anything connected to computers and I do not have a blog. However I really enjoy yours and only one or two others, which I would miss greatly, so I hope this new legislation will not affect you. I hope all will turn out OK.


  8. Hello Radka,
    how nice that you also took up the topic. I also think that it is up to Google to do something about it.
    So, let's not go crazy - we say that nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked ;-)
    Greetings from Germany;-)

  9. I too love your new header. Very nice treasure you bought home. The raindrops are pretty on those blossoms x



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