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Saturday, 7 July 2018

FNwF, linden and sky blue

Three weeks of hot and very dry weather in our part of the world - we are not used to seeing brown grass. 
Our garden is kept alive mainly with the waste water from the kitchen.....and no let up in sight.

The heat has its good points, well, some anyway. 
On my way to the shops I pass some big trees; here they are called "lime" trees. 
I, being from mainland Europe, called them "linden". 
But whatever one calls them, the scent of their blossom is unmistakable, the wonderful sweet smell, you can smell them long time before you see them! It is the heat of the sun which makes them smell so much more right now.
Memories - there was a big linden tree outside my grandmother's house, giving a welcome shade on hot summer afternoons. My grandmother used to pick the blossom and dry it in her loft, where she also dried and stored other herbs - you can just imagine the wonderful smell in her loft!

But I digress; last night was another get together at Cheryll's for FNwF, thank you Cheryll!
What was I up to? To be honest, there isn't any sewing going on right now, it is just too hot.
I have started a new crochet project, a summer jacket. As it is made in cotton yarn, I can just about manage few rows every day, or to be exact - in the evening, outside, when it cools down a bit.
I have done quite a bit of crochet over the years, but never anything to wear for myself, this is a first.
But I saw this jacket on someone when I was in Norway last month (one of the ladies in the knitting shop I mentioned in my Norway post was wearing it) and I just loved it, so here goes. 
It is made in "Drops Muskat" and I picked the colour to go with my summer dress, Sky Blue.
The jacket is worked from midway up in one pattern and then in different pattern from midway down.
The pattern is free from Drops website.

Call me crazy, but I actually made some jam this morning - yes, it was hot, but our kitchen is quite cool early in the morning (with all doors and windows open!)
My regular friends know I like to make jams, and I just can't miss out on all that summer fruit around at the moment. 
I like to make small batches, and experiment with mixing different fruit together.
Today I made strawberry and apricot - little a bit of sunshine for cold winter months (although it is hard to believe right now there is such a thing!).

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I have never heard of the Lime/Lichen tree but its looks pretty and what a lovely smell.
    Your crocheted jacket will be cool to wear.
    Nice to have different jams stored ready for the winter months.

  2. I too love the scent of linden flowers! There is a row of lime trees at our little railway station. Your crochet is very regular, and the colour is lovely. The jam sounds delicious!

  3. Hello Radka,

    your new crochet project, the summer jacket looks really great. In this hot weather, crocheting may be more enjoyable than sewing (if you can)...;-)

    Greetings from Germany, Klaudia

  4. A lovely shade of blue for your crochet jacket. Too hot to do much isn't it?

  5. Hello, Radka - Your summer jacket is going to be beautiful; I love the sky-blue color, and the crochet stitch is one of the prettiest I've seen! Maybe you'll post a photo when it's finished? The strawberry-apricot jam looks delicious; you'll enjoy that all winter. (Which will no doubt come again, even though it seems unlikely at the moment!)

    1. Thank you, Marjorie :-) I am enjoying the crochet; this stitch is very easy (just as well); of course I will show it when it is finished.

  6. Your jam looks delicious, wish I was closer, I could bring the scones and cream. We are struggling with the heat here as well, we are just not used to it. Love the pattern you are using, can't wait to see it finished. :)

  7. ANY get together with friends is a great idea I think.
    Doesn't have to be sewing related...xox

  8. Radko,ráda se začtu do Tvého povídání,o Tvé zahradě,ručních pracech i cestování.
    Přeji Ti krásný nový týden :)Eva H.

  9. Your crochet top looks lovely...the summer fruits are always ready when it is hot to cook jn the kitchen aren't they!! Your combination sounds great.

  10. Hi Radka love your crochet top especially the colour and well done on making jam ,love homemade jams and condiments,hope you have a lovely day xx


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