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Sunday, 29 July 2018

miniature world

It is a very different day today; after weeks of very hot and very dry weather - we have rain at last!
 And wind, and..., but no complaints here - it is so badly needed....
Confined to the house, I have found my sewing room again!

But before I tell you what I am up to, I would like to show you what my husband is making.
They say that when you retire, you must have a hobby; it doesn't matter what it is, there is something for everyone.
My DH reads a lot, which is good, but I don't think you can spend the rest of your life with the nose in a book, however good that is for your brain. We love our garden and we both spend as much time as we can out there, but when the summer is over, there has to be something else. I have never had a problem, I have my sewing (and knitting, and crochet, and embroidery, reading.. there just isn't enough hours in a day). 
DH has tried other things, but now he has found something which really "grabs" his interest - the miniature world. He is "building" a town.

It is very small; for those in the know, the railway track is for N gauge train, so the rest is to scale.
But this is not about the train set; in fact the train hasn't even arrived yet.
He loves building the town (it doesn't have a name yet); some houses are from kits, but many he makes from the scratch himself.
Even the figures (about 1 cm high) he paints by hand. He spent the last winter getting this far; in the summer the "building trade" slows down, specially as the weather was just too good to be inside.
But today things are happening again, the town is due for expansion!
This is "the town" so far...

This is very much "work in progress", and he is having fun! ūüėÄ

Talking about miniature world - few weeks ago, for my birthday, I was given a dolls house,
my first ever!

There is nothing to identify it, but we managed (with the help of internet) to date it to somewhere between 1945 and 1960, made by British firm Triang.
Due for a major makeover, this will be a long term project, but as you can see,
I already have a resident "miniature" expert!

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  1. danièle Hanotte29 July 2018 at 19:04

    bravo monsieur, ce village est très réussi, avec tous ses petits détails, c'est très joli.

  2. Adorable town and cute house!

  3. Amazing; what a labour of love! Super how the country side extends far around the little town. And your doll's house is cute. I can't wait to see it transformed.

  4. I just love the miniature town. Please keep us informed of progress. I am always fascinated by miniature anything.... and a dolls hose too! So much you can add to that. There are lovely patterns for rugs and needlework miniatures. So much to enjoy there. Also delightful miniature gardens.

  5. Love the fabulous miniature work, very talented. I have two dolls houses and they are just waiting for me to finish the needlework, it takes time but they are worth it for the end result, enjoy your new hobbies ;)

  6. What a lovely little town - and a great project to come. xx

  7. It will be a great hobby of your husband ... the miniature world looks so wonderful .... I'm thrilled. When my husband retired, he began to collect minerals - I always say to friends and acquaintances, we are rich in stone - as many stones and minerals he has already collected ;-)

    Thank you for comment ...

    Greetings Klaudia

  8. Amazing details! Using one's hands for something like this is most useful for the brain as well.
    I wish you happy moments with your dolls house!


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