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Sunday, 5 August 2018

little stitching, baking Sunday and a new visitor

I am rather exited by the new visitor in our garden, which I took picture of this morning, sitting on the shed door (picture on the left). I managed to identify it: it is Jersey Tiger moth ; the picture on the right (which I borrowed from "ukmoths.org.uk" website) shows him in the full beauty. 
Isn't he spectacular?

Jersey Tiger Euplagia quadripunctaria

The hot dry weather has been back with us this week.

The evenings have been little more fresh and my sewing room more bearable; I have been playing with some ideas for a second block of my "Blue pots" quilt (no, I can't draw ūüėÄ), but you get the idea.

And I have even managed to do little more quilting of the Gardenhurst quilt. 
Hand quilting is a very slow job in this weather.

It is more difficult to find some stitching for outside, even in the shade the garden gets so hot during the day, but I find difficult not to do any stitching at all.
I have been making some 2 inch hexies today, in pale cream and grey colours, probably a background for something, but at the moment I have no idea where this is going; something to do.........

Today's baking -  baps (soft white buns, traditionally make with white flour, but I mix white and wholemeal together).
Now, you might think it is crazy to bake in this weather, but I find that yeast baking in this kind of heat is so quick and easy, the proving time so much shorter.

I find baps so versatile, they make great sandwiches, with any kind of filling - left over meat, salad, seafood.. great for picnics. Or simply - with some good home made jam....use your imagination!

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  1. Your hand stitching is lovely the drawing looks interesting will look forward to seeing more. Baps...Delicious :)

  2. The detail on your quilt is so pretty, I still struggle to get my hand quilting anything like I want it to be. I grew up eating baps, it is not a word I hear very often now as I have moved from Yorkshire where the word was in common use. x

  3. We occasionally get Tiger Moths in the garden - they are spectacular when you see that flash of red. Your quilting looks lovely. I made my first spelt loaf last week and very good it is too. xx

  4. Your visitor is beautiful. Love your wonderful hand quilting and yes it is a difficult job in the heat. Your baking looks delcious x

  5. What a coincidence! I went back to South Wales yesterday for a hospital appointment and then for coffee with a friend in Penarth. She told me all about a spectacular butterfly she had seen and taken photos of in her garden- a Jersey tiger moth. I think they are fairly rare this far north so interesting that you had one too. Must be this hot weather.
    My sewing mojo has more or less left me during the heatwave but I did buy a few yards of fabric to make cushion covers for my Mum. I might even get them cut out today or tomorrow or even next weekend if it cools down.


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