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Sunday, 16 September 2018

weekend in the kitchen and little sewing too

My regular followers already know how much I like making jams, small batches of various fruit combinations. What I call my "regular summer jam" is a mixture of any summer fruit around, but this year I am little late; early in the summer it was just too hot for making jams, and suddenly here we are, with autumn approaching.
Luckily local strawberries are still around and now we also have English plums in the shops.
So, this time my summer jam is a combination of plums, greengages, strawberries, raspberries, and apricots.

I use very simple method in my jam making - cut up the fruit, mix it with sugar (a half the weight of the fruit), cover and let it "rest" for 3- 4 hours (or even overnight). I don't add any liquid, because while resting, the fruit releases its own juices.

Then I slowly cook the fruit, followed by fast boil to get the setting point, 
and here we are - little bit more sunshine for the winter months.

This weekend I have tried a new recipe for a plum cake, Plum and Frangipane cake, using spelt flower. The combination of plums, almonds and cinnamon is usually a winner.

And this is the result - the taste is great, although it took nearly twice as long in the oven, than the recipe said, because I just could not get the middle to cook completely.  
It could be just my oven (somewhat unpredictable). 
I will make it again, but in the future I will use large tin, to make the cake lower, may be that will sort the problem.

It has been a rather slow sewing week and little short on inspiration, 
but I have made some progress on my hexies wall hanging, which is now becoming "The Butterfly" wall hanging.

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  1. Hello Radka, Your combinations of jams look so appetising - well done. And your hexi-wallhanging is beautiful with the applique. I lately didn‘t read blogs so I missed many beautiful things.
    When I am cooking jam I usually am using also 2:1 fruit:sugar. My sugar howevercontains an ingredient - must be pektin - so I have to Cook it only for 4 minutes. Do you know this?

  2. Your jam looks absolutely delicious! The next plum cake will most probably bake in the time given in the recipe if you use the bigger tin.
    The wallhanging will be so pretty with the colourful butterflies.

  3. Here I am again, Radka. Can you answer me now?

  4. Yummy, love seeing your posts on jam making and cakes.

  5. We had so many plums - and still have - but they were not juicy as usual - but nevertheless quite of lot of cakes were made - yours looks good and yes a larger tin will solve your and my (yes, I have it ,too) problems about the height and baking time.

  6. Now I can see my comments under two different names - oh this Internet thing is so mysterious - but I am sure somebody knows why.

  7. New new new - this is to tell you that I made some changes on my blog and baked an applesauce cake for 21 year old grandson - slowly using up the apples from the tabletennis table in the basement.

  8. The cake and the jam looks yummy! Your appliqué looks so good,Is it needle turned?


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