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Saturday, 15 July 2017

July so far

My summer sewing is very much influenced by the weather, because I do like to sew outside as much as I can. 
The last couple of weeks was very changeable. Some days it was too cold to sit outside and sew, or it was just too hot, but mostly very, very dry.  
So our garden gave a big sigh when we got some decent rain this week, be it just for a day.

I find that summer is not a very good time for ambitious sewing projects, at least not for me.
So my "summer play quilt" came out at last. 
My old friends know this one already; for my new followers - this is a quilt made of various indigo dyed blocks and the plan is to fill each block with what ever I feel like - embroidery, applique, etc (there is no plan as such) and also incorporating some blocks from ladies from Tambani  and Afghanistan Inspiration projects. 
This is a truly summer project, it comes out only in the summer, to be stitched outside, which explains the rather slow progress.

At the moment I am "playing" with this small (and strange) block; not sure where it is going 😕

Another good one for "stitching in the garden" is this embroidery kit for a cushion from Nancy Nicholson, which comes in its own cloth bag. The bag itself is an embroidery project.

I bought it last year to take with me on holidays to Montenegro, but it was actually too hot to embroider, 
so it has now become a good project for the garden.

I have also finished (at last) the second border of St Germain quilt, which, although not forgotten, was "put aside" for a while, probably because I got little bored with the borders - too much needle turn applique! 
Two done, two to go....

During days too hot to hold a needle of  any kind, I have been catching up with some reading;
in fact quite a lot of it.
All of the books below I can recommend.

I picked "The Language  of Flowers" at the local library, it is about lots more then just flowers!

"The Gustav Sonata" was a birthday present - another good read.

I enjoyed "The Light Between Oceans" very much;
I found the film version so disappointing.
Read the book instead!

"The Handmaid's Tale" - dystopian (a new word for me too 😉) novel by Margaret Atwood, written in 1985.
It is now a great TV series, currently running on UK Channel 4.
I just had to get the book and read it before the TV series finishes.
Some variation in the book, and of course we don't yet know the TV ending, but I find the whole subject fascinating.
Margaret Atwood wrote a new foreword to this latest addition of the book. If anyone thinks that what happened in this story can't actually happen in reality, after reading this new introduction, they will think again.
Our Prime Minister, following recent terrorist attacks in UK, said that she is prepared to "tear up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights".
This book is just a hint of  possible consequences.............

Back to our garden - our plum tree decided that it really doesn't like growing in a small town garden, so sadly we had to give up on that one.
We decided to make another raised flower bed in its place.
This is very much a work in progress, with some of the new plants to be planted there.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend;
some drizzle here today, I hope it gets better on Sunday.

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