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Saturday, 21 May 2016

baking Saturday and another block

It is a miserable day outside, somewhere around 10 - 12C and raining. On days like this I find my kitchen such a comforting place.
I am trying a new biscuit recipe  - chocolate cardamom - it sounds just like something made for this weather.

This is a very easy and quick biscuit recipe; the mix needs to be chilled before baking, which takes more time than the rest of the process.

This is the result - light biscuit, with intense chocolate flavour, absolutely divine;
the whole house smell of chocolate!

I also finished the fourth block for Chateau Hexagon; these blocks are very quick to do.
What is going to take rather longer is the 106 x 1/2" hexagons I will have to make!

© 2016

Friday, 20 May 2016

Barrington Court in May

DH and I were out and about yesterday; one of the places we went to was Kelways Garden Centre
We were looking for a clematis for our kitchen wall (to replace a Passion Flower, which did not survive the winter). Kelways specialise in peonies and irises. 
Some of the peonies they grow are just out of this world and they were just getting them ready for the Chelsea Flower Show, so no pictures I am afraid.
Kelways nursery is one of the oldest in UK (trading since 1851) and you can read its interesting history here .

Clematis 'Mrs N. Thompson'

We chose clematis "Mrs N Thompson". 
I think it will look stunning against a light grey kitchen wall.

Kelways is not very far from Barrington Court; as I probably said before - this is my favourite NT property in South West,
 so it was an obvious choice for today's lunch.

Although not a wonderful day today, it was pleasant enough to eat outside.

I always look forward to their gardens; but it was obvious even here how behind everything is this year. 

Behind the main house, in the former service buildings, are small craft shops,

and also my favourite, the Barrington Patchwork - I even have a loyalty card for this place!

So I could not go home empty handed, could I!

Have a wonderful weekend!

©  2016

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

more quiltmania blocks

Les Fleurs du Mardi -
BOM by Quiltmania magazine - month 4 - blocks 7 & 8

block 7

block 8

The instructions for next 2 blocks will be published the last Tuesday in May - free to download from Quiltmania website.

© 2016

Saturday, 14 May 2016

crab apple tree

We have been enjoying some beautiful summer days in May (20C +), and the garden has suddenly woken up.
But all change again; I have planted out some pots, but will have to bring them under a cover, because we are supposed to get some very cold weather this weekend, possibly a touch of frost.
The last frost damaged the plum blossom, so no plums this year :-(
 I hope this lovely quince blossom will not suffer the same fate.

quince tree blossom

The pretty lilac bush, planted only last year, is obviously quite happy; it has more flowers than I expected.

I have been spending lots of time outside this week, and it was great to be able to do some stitching in the garden.

Besides carrying on with hand quilting Cool Flying Geese quilt (when it wasn't too warm),
I finished the third block for Chateau Hexagon project,

and made one of the two April Quiltmania blocks.

I wish a happy stitching weekend to you all!

© 2016

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Friday Night with Friends

Big thank you to Cheryll for letting us use her blog  again for another Friday get together.
I must admit I remembered in the last minute; the time is just flying by and we are well into another month.

On Friday night I started block 3 of Chateau Hexagon,

                                     and finished it today, in the garden, where it was more like summer's day than spring one  
                                                                    (the picture shows block 3 after Friday's stitching).
                                                                We actually had the shade up, because it got quite hot at times!

They are telling us that this wonderful weather we have been having, is not going to last and rain and cooler weather are on the way; again...

Happy week stitching!

© 2016

Friday, 6 May 2016

sun, glorious sun

I could not had planned it better; the first week of my full retirement and suddenly the nature remembered that it is supposed to be spring.
As the week went on, it got better and better;
 the last couple of days the temperature shot up to 20C; at last!
The first thing I did this week was to sort out my work room; with addition of some new storage boxes everything now has its place - buttons, beads, felting supplies, threads, tapestry wools, ribbons, various embellishments... besides the fabrics, of course.
It is surprising what one finds; projects long forgotten and now rediscovered, they too now have their own boxes.

I sorted out the backing for the flying geese quilt and started to hand quilt it in a very simple way; the quilt is "busy" enough with so many various fabrics and colours, it doesn't need any complicated quilting design.

One of the long forgotten projects I came across was "Chateau Hexagon",
button BOM by Lynette Anderson.
I am sure many of you finished this long ago.
For me it is like starting a brand new project.
Sitting outside in the sunshine today I finished the first two blocks .

Lets hope that this time the spring is here to stay!
The latest couple of Quiltmania blocks are waiting to be done.

I wish you all wonderful weekend!

© 2016

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