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Friday, 20 May 2016

Barrington Court in May

DH and I were out and about yesterday; one of the places we went to was Kelways Garden Centre
We were looking for a clematis for our kitchen wall (to replace a Passion Flower, which did not survive the winter). Kelways specialise in peonies and irises. 
Some of the peonies they grow are just out of this world and they were just getting them ready for the Chelsea Flower Show, so no pictures I am afraid.
Kelways nursery is one of the oldest in UK (trading since 1851) and you can read its interesting history here .

Clematis 'Mrs N. Thompson'

We chose clematis "Mrs N Thompson". 
I think it will look stunning against a light grey kitchen wall.

Kelways is not very far from Barrington Court; as I probably said before - this is my favourite NT property in South West,
 so it was an obvious choice for today's lunch.

Although not a wonderful day today, it was pleasant enough to eat outside.

I always look forward to their gardens; but it was obvious even here how behind everything is this year. 

Behind the main house, in the former service buildings, are small craft shops,

and also my favourite, the Barrington Patchwork - I even have a loyalty card for this place!

So I could not go home empty handed, could I!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. The flowers will look fantastic against a grey wall, for sure. The photos of Barrington Court look very familiar to me . When we went to the UK in 2013 we joined the NT and went to lots of lovely NT properties on out travels. I have a feeling we did go to Barrington Tops-- is it in Somerset and which is closest little town/village to it? It looks lovely in spring. We were there in early autumn.

  2. can see why you love to visitBarrington Court what amazing gardens and the building are so beautiful too an added bonus having a craft shop there. The clematis is very pretty, will look out for the nursery when I watch Chelsea flower show

  3. Io adoro questi luoghi ed è un mio sogno poterli visitare. Grazie per aver pubblicato queste meravigliose foto.

  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos Radka. It is such a lovely old place and the gardens are delightful. Always even better if there is a fabric shop (or wool in my case!)

    The clematis is a very nice choice, will look forward to seeing it as it grows.

  5. Wonderful Pictures Radka, thank you for sharing -

  6. I had no idea there was a patchwork shop at Barrington! I wonder how I can get my husband there when we next visit UK. I used to live on the estate next to Kelways - in fact on the deeds the address is a plot no on Peony Valley. Beautiful clematis. xx


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