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Sunday, 5 August 2018

little stitching, baking Sunday and a new visitor

I am rather exited by the new visitor in our garden, which I took picture of this morning, sitting on the shed door (picture on the left). I managed to identify it: it is Jersey Tiger moth ; the picture on the right (which I borrowed from "" website) shows him in the full beauty. 
Isn't he spectacular?

Jersey Tiger Euplagia quadripunctaria

The hot dry weather has been back with us this week.

The evenings have been little more fresh and my sewing room more bearable; I have been playing with some ideas for a second block of my "Blue pots" quilt (no, I can't draw 😀), but you get the idea.

And I have even managed to do little more quilting of the Gardenhurst quilt. 
Hand quilting is a very slow job in this weather.

It is more difficult to find some stitching for outside, even in the shade the garden gets so hot during the day, but I find difficult not to do any stitching at all.
I have been making some 2 inch hexies today, in pale cream and grey colours, probably a background for something, but at the moment I have no idea where this is going; something to do.........

Today's baking -  baps (soft white buns, traditionally make with white flour, but I mix white and wholemeal together).
Now, you might think it is crazy to bake in this weather, but I find that yeast baking in this kind of heat is so quick and easy, the proving time so much shorter.

I find baps so versatile, they make great sandwiches, with any kind of filling - left over meat, salad, seafood.. great for picnics. Or simply - with some good home made jam....use your imagination!

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Scandinavian Rose, Luna's new jackets, and hot weather, again

I just can't believe that is has been nearly 4 years since I finished all the stitcheries for the Scandinavian Rose quilt! I put them away in the box and that it is where they have been all this time. I think that at the time I wasn't quite sure about the final finish, I did not want to go with the original pattern; sadly, they got forgotten.
Last weekend, when the weather changed and it rained the whole weekend, I found my sewing room again, and moving some boxes around, I came across the stitcheries. 
It is time to do something about it!
I am more inspired now; instead of using just red and white patchwork for the borders, I decided to throw some blue into it.

I already have some white fabric for the backing in my stash, 
so all I need now is some wadding and I can start quilting it!

Do you remember my little friend Luna Lapin? I made her about 18 months ago, and since then she has lived in the one dress I made her at the time.

Some time ago I came across a group on Facebook, called Luna Lapin Little World! One of the group members, Patricia Freeman, designed a pretty knitted jacket for Luna. 
I could not resist and Luna now has 2 new jackets, she is very pleased 😊

Despite weeks of hot dry weather, our garden is not in a bad shape, thanks to DH's patient watering and feeding.

Apparently the hot weather is coming back; it looks like, again, the sewing room might not be the best place to be. 😞

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Sunday, 29 July 2018

miniature world

It is a very different day today; after weeks of very hot and very dry weather - we have rain at last!
 And wind, and..., but no complaints here - it is so badly needed....
Confined to the house, I have found my sewing room again!

But before I tell you what I am up to, I would like to show you what my husband is making.
They say that when you retire, you must have a hobby; it doesn't matter what it is, there is something for everyone.
My DH reads a lot, which is good, but I don't think you can spend the rest of your life with the nose in a book, however good that is for your brain. We love our garden and we both spend as much time as we can out there, but when the summer is over, there has to be something else. I have never had a problem, I have my sewing (and knitting, and crochet, and embroidery, reading.. there just isn't enough hours in a day). 
DH has tried other things, but now he has found something which really "grabs" his interest - the miniature world. He is "building" a town.

It is very small; for those in the know, the railway track is for N gauge train, so the rest is to scale.
But this is not about the train set; in fact the train hasn't even arrived yet.
He loves building the town (it doesn't have a name yet); some houses are from kits, but many he makes from the scratch himself.
Even the figures (about 1 cm high) he paints by hand. He spent the last winter getting this far; in the summer the "building trade" slows down, specially as the weather was just too good to be inside.
But today things are happening again, the town is due for expansion!
This is "the town" so far...

This is very much "work in progress", and he is having fun! 😀

Talking about miniature world - few weeks ago, for my birthday, I was given a dolls house,
my first ever!

There is nothing to identify it, but we managed (with the help of internet) to date it to somewhere between 1945 and 1960, made by British firm Triang.
Due for a major makeover, this will be a long term project, but as you can see,
I already have a resident "miniature" expert!

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Saturday, 21 July 2018

sky blue jacket

Last night we had some rain at last, after weeks of dry and warm weather! You could hear a sigh of relief from our garden - at last some decent rain water! Many of the plants seemed to have been adjusting to the dry, hardening soil. Just as well, because that was that, no more rain in sight..... 
Still no sewing here; too warm in my sewing room, and I don't seem to be able to get motivated to do any hand sewing at the moment.
But I have been enjoying my crochet project, the cotton yarn is easy to handle.
It is the first time I am using any of the Drops yarns.
This pattern is using Drops Muskat cotton and I must say that I really like working with it.

And here it is, all done!
I am finding hard to get the right shade of blue on the screen, but the picture below is probably the nearest to sky blue of the yarn.

And considering that I have never crochet anything to wear before, it fits very well.
I am very pleased with it.
It has just one button at the top, but I have also found a nice pin in my stash to use over the button, just for change.
I plant to wear it over my summer dress (which has various shades of blue and green) and
over plain white or cream summer vest tops.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Saturday, 7 July 2018

FNwF, linden and sky blue

Three weeks of hot and very dry weather in our part of the world - we are not used to seeing brown grass. 
Our garden is kept alive mainly with the waste water from the kitchen.....and no let up in sight.

The heat has its good points, well, some anyway. 
On my way to the shops I pass some big trees; here they are called "lime" trees. 
I, being from mainland Europe, called them "linden". 
But whatever one calls them, the scent of their blossom is unmistakable, the wonderful sweet smell, you can smell them long time before you see them! It is the heat of the sun which makes them smell so much more right now.
Memories - there was a big linden tree outside my grandmother's house, giving a welcome shade on hot summer afternoons. My grandmother used to pick the blossom and dry it in her loft, where she also dried and stored other herbs - you can just imagine the wonderful smell in her loft!

But I digress; last night was another get together at Cheryll's for FNwF, thank you Cheryll!
What was I up to? To be honest, there isn't any sewing going on right now, it is just too hot.
I have started a new crochet project, a summer jacket. As it is made in cotton yarn, I can just about manage few rows every day, or to be exact - in the evening, outside, when it cools down a bit.
I have done quite a bit of crochet over the years, but never anything to wear for myself, this is a first.
But I saw this jacket on someone when I was in Norway last month (one of the ladies in the knitting shop I mentioned in my Norway post was wearing it) and I just loved it, so here goes. 
It is made in "Drops Muskat" and I picked the colour to go with my summer dress, Sky Blue.
The jacket is worked from midway up in one pattern and then in different pattern from midway down.
The pattern is free from Drops website.

Call me crazy, but I actually made some jam this morning - yes, it was hot, but our kitchen is quite cool early in the morning (with all doors and windows open!)
My regular friends know I like to make jams, and I just can't miss out on all that summer fruit around at the moment. 
I like to make small batches, and experiment with mixing different fruit together.
Today I made strawberry and apricot - little a bit of sunshine for cold winter months (although it is hard to believe right now there is such a thing!).

Enjoy your weekend!

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