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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

and one more Gardenhurts block

Two actually, one large one, 
and one smaller one, made of 4 small orange peel blocks.

Just one more block to make, I am nearly there! ūüėĆ
It is time to think about the next project ......

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Snowdrop Festival

Last weekend saw the second Shepton Snowdrop Festival
Organised by the local horticultural society, it is to celebrate James Allen - Victorian nurseryman from Shepton Mallet, who propagated snowdrops from the wild and introduced them into our gardens.
During the last year thousands of snowdrops were planted around the town, giving quite a show now, and in coming years, as they will spread.
The 3 days was filled with activities around the town, and you could buy many unusual snowdrops in the market place.

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Monday, 12 February 2018

Gardenhurst continues

It snowed this morning - 
just briefly, but it made everything look clean and fresh; it is all gone now...

Still busy indoors - two more Gardenhurst blocks,

and the start of the next one.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

and another Gardenhurst....

Sunshine at last and beautiful blue skies the last couple of days; the trade off for that are daytime temperatures hovering around zero......
So, a brisk walk to the shops, and back into the warmth of my sewing room -
to finish another block for Gardenhurst quilt.

I enjoyed making the bird tail in this one.
I don't think I had finished blocks for any other quilt this quickly before, it must be something about this design - fairly simple, but so much scope for imagination.
Applique is definitely my favourite method, for now anyway. It is still a learning curve, I am learning all  the time. The next time I will sew so many circles, I will invest in Karen Buckley's Perfect Circles; the prep might take longer, but worth it in the end.

Little spring sunshine indoors....

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

FNwF and more Gardenhurst

Big "thank you" to Cheryll to let us hang out again at hers on Friday night. 

I managed to finish another Gardenhurst block

 and yesterday I started the next one.

Another winter weekend in our part of the world, although a little drier and brighter, the wind is a cold, coming from the north.
Snowdrops are struggling around the town,

Winter aconites are also slowly popping their heads out in the local park.
 It is a bit of a struggle.....

I wonder what weather will this month bring.....

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Gardenhurst - more blocks!

January was a very dull and cold month, and I have been spending more time indoors then usually.
So what better place is there than a cosy sewing room? 
It has given me the chance to get on with this quilt so much quicker.

Three more blocks, one large and two smaller ones.

Another large block is nearly finished, in fact I hope to complete it tomorrow night, when we are at Cheryll's for FNwF. 

Will you be there?

©pleasureinstitching.blogspot.co.uk 2018

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

LandScape and Dorset Buttons

LandScape magazine is probably the most popular magazine in our house (besides craft magazines, of course!), and the only one DH and I subscribe, and we both equally enjoy.
It has something for everyone - gardening, various crafts, food recipes, visits to British countryside, as well to its towns and gardens.....and very few adverts. It is being published every other month, plus two special issues a year. 
It has been so popular that the publishers have now decided to change it to a monthly magazine.

The reason I am telling you this? 
In the latest issue just out, there is a very interesting article about Dorset Buttons, its origins, and about one woman, Anna McDowell, keeping the craft alive.

Her website is called Henry's Buttons , where you can read all about the history of Dorset buttons, and various events and workshops; for her blog click here.

I had a go at making few Dorset buttons myself in the past, and I also wrote a post about them in April 2010:

The history of Dorset buttons goes back to 1700, when this craft was brought to England by ex-soldier Abraham Case. When in the army, he was stationed in Belgium and France, where he probably saw lace and buttons being made.

On his return he settled in Shaftesbury, Dorset and set up the Dorset button cottage industry. Dorset buttons were used on court dress and also exported to North America and Europe. At the peak of the production there were about 1,000 employed by the industry.

In 1859 the Ashton's Button machine was invented, which was the end of the cottage industry and livelihood of many people.
There had been attempts to revive the craft in the past and lets hope it will not be forgotten.

You can see that post here .

Below are my Dorset buttons.

May be they could be used as establishments for a quilt? 

©pleasureinstitching.blogspot.co.uk 2018

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

more Gardenhurst blocks

Three new (smaller) blocks finished,

 and the start of one of the larger blocks.

Yes, I am really moving on with this quilt!
I have been pulling out so many fabrics from the stash 
(because I am constantly changing my mind which ones to use), 
that there just isn't any space in my room to do anything else!

                                                 The truth is that I am really enjoying it.....

©pleasureinstitching.blogspot.co.uk 2018

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Gardenhurst quilt - another block

It has been a horrid English winter Sunday - it has not stopped raining all day!

The best place to be was my work room, 
finishing the third block of Gardenhurst.

I am calling this one the "Mediterranean" block, 
because it reminds me of summer and holidays........

I wish you all a productive stitching week!

©pleasureinstitching.blogspot.co.uk 2018

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Gardenhurst - first two blocks, and winter "pick me up"

Yes, I have been busy this week and the first two blocks are done.

We are having cold winter this year; cold and grey, although in our part of England without snow, just the little dusting now and then - it is a hibernation time. 
Without snow, the greyness is even worse,
so it is nice to work with this sunny yellow fabric for my next block.

It is from the  Grunge range by Moda Fabric,
and so it the blue/grey below, I really like that one; 
it is actually more grey then in this picture - it is so hard to get the right colours in the grey winter light.

Anybody watched Monty Don's "Paradise Gardens" on BBC2 last night?
What a delight, it is just what we need to see at this time of year!

Enjoy your weekend, thank you for stopping by ūüėÄ

©pleasureinstitching.blogspot.co.uk 2018
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