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Sunday, 27 October 2013

end of English Magic Patch

What you see here is issue 69 of English edition of the Magic Patch magazine, unfortunately the last one.
Unaware of what is going to happen, I sent my subscription cheque to IST Publisher at the beginning of September, to start my new subscription from issue 70.
And over a week ago I found out that Magic Patch is no longer being published in English. The publisher's website was down.
Oh, what has happened to my money?
Few days later a letter arrived, telling me that Traplet Publications are going to fulfill the remaining subscriptions, and I could choose from  "Patchwork & Quilting" or "Fabrications Quilting For You" magazines. I chose "Fabrications", a very good patchwork magazine I subscribed to some time ago. This is very nice from Traplet, but of course good for them also - they are getting new subscribers for their magazines, which hopefully will stay with them after the initial subscription expires.

I believe that the original French version of Magic Patch is being published as before.
Actually, this is not the first time this has happened to English Magic Patch, and it did return some time later. May be it will happen again.......

© 2013

Friday, 25 October 2013

what is in the woods?

Following our fantastic summer, the nature has been most productive this autumn; from all sorts of berries to other "things that lurk" in the woods.

Some of these pictures would probably make good subjects for embroidery; do feel free to use them if you want to.

I bet that you can't see me!

  And a reward for an early morning walk - some for breakfast and lots for drying.

Have a good weekend!

© 2013

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

staying in Devon

We needed a break from all the chaos of house moving, and the trip to Exeter show has given us a good opportunity. So, as we were in South Devon already, we booked into Chillington House B&B, in the village of Chillington, near Kingsbridge. We made it our base for exploring that part of Devon, which we have not visited before. 
Just a note on Chillington House - lovely B&B, owned and run by a young couple;
 Adam, an experienced chef, and his wife. The whole place is light and bright, very comfortable and spotlessly clean. The breakfast was a delight, besides the usual choice of cereals etc, there is a menu with 5 cooked dishes made to order, cooked by Adam.
Our room had a modern large four poster bed, which was very comfortable, the best sleep I have had in any B&B!

A large bathroom with walk in shower (note for our overseas visitors - definitively no carpet in the bathroom :-).

If you ever plan to visit this part of Devon, do have a look at their website, I do recommend it.

So, I will share with you some of the places we visited.

 a medieval fortress, which you could easily imagine in a spooky film.

A late lunch on the terrace of a small restaurant across the road.

Brixham, still very much a working fishing port.

pretty Dartmouth

afternoon tea at The Singing Kettle

walk along the Slapton Sands Beach, with its own history

built by Cistercian monks in 13th century and later became the home of Sir Francis Drake

its huge barn

and apple press

one more stop on the way home, 
A la Ronde near Exmouth,
a unique 16-sided house, built in 18th century for two spinster cousins on their return from a European grand tour. It contains many objects from their travels.

It was built around the central hall; to take the advantage of the daylight, the ladies could move from room to room during the day following the light, as it moved around the building.

the gallery above which houses a collection of shells

a view from the house

I hope you have enjoyed my trip.
Thank you for your visit and your continuing support.

© 2013
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