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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Just an update for September so far, so you would not think I have gone again!
Still not much stitching to talk about, although I have been doing a little work on part 4 of Santa's Village.

So what else have I been doing? Besides trying to organise some order in the house, trying to fit too much furniture into a small house (and ending up giving some away), talking to window people (new windows and doors, and porch being installed next month), cavity and loft  insulation (same again here), organising DH's 
decorating jobs (most of upstairs will be done by next week). His worst jobs are outside, taking down brick raised beds, far too narrow to be any good, and trying to find someone to take them off his hands (next door neighbour obliged in the end). The idea is simply to make this a blank canvas and start again.

Have you noticed? No trees! There will have to be trees, even a small garden like this needs at least one or two, so a visit to garden centre was called for and they should be arriving soon.

We have also been out and about, getting to know the area. 
This is a view from Beacon Hill above Shepton Mallet on a misty morning. You can just see the Glastonbury Tor in the distance,

and nature's patchwork.

                                                        A quick visit to Stourhead

and a walk in the woods above.

 Isn't this beautiful? Nature's own lacemaking!

Picking blackberries, it has been a wonderful blackberry season.

At last I got around to visiting Niki in here shop Nostalgia at No.1, here in Shepton Mallet (you can read her blog here ).
Her shop is packed with all sort of  vintage stuff. Of course I did not come home empty handed!

This morning we drove down to Bridport to buy some paint, one which we can't get around here.
It was very busy, they have a market every Saturday.

I found a stall selling Polish Boleslawiec pottery and I could not resist at add a couple of bowls to my collection.

DD brought me this lovely table runner from her holiday,

and my granddaughter made me a sweet pin cushion.

A new addition to my library.

In the latest issue of Inspiration magazine is a beautiful project, traditional embroidery from Portugal, 
 stitched by -  Meri Almeida, "our" Meri, of  

Her embroideries are so beautiful. I always though that she must had been stitching all her life.

No, she says that she has started stitching only after she retired!

Well, there is a hope for all of us yet!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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