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Sunday, 21 June 2015

despite the constant cold wind, it must be summer

because it is the longest day today, but also because my "summer play cloth" has come out of the box! 
This is a project which really only comes out in the summer; it doesn't feel right to stitch on it at any other time. Don't ask me why; may it has to do with the indigo dyed fabrics, process which needs warmth of a sunny day; may be the bright colours of fabrics and threads I am using here.
The indigo fabrics and some of the beautiful threads have come from Tiggy at I'd rather be in India blog. 
The idea here is to fill up every block with some kind of an embroidery or applique, or both.
There is no plan, no pattern.
Just take some fabric and threads and play, see where it takes me.

Needless to say, that this is a very slow project.

Some of the blocks finished during previous summers:

I have finished the first 2 blocks of "Mrs Beasley's Sampler Quilt,

and the instructions for block 3 are waiting in this issue of Vignette magazine.

Art Quilting Studio magazine, published only twice a year, is new to me. 
I saw it on Anneliese's blog  and managed to find UK supplier.
It arrived yesterday.
Very inspiring.

In UK you can get from Rainbow Silks . 

© 2015

Friday, 19 June 2015


I hope the weather is wonderful for you, and there is plenty of herring, potatoes and strawberries, and 
aquavit, of course!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

green thread and strawberry jam

Good start to the week, the weather is behaving and even getting little warmer.
Last night I did a little stitching on the second block of Mrs Beasley's  Sampler Quilt, but did not have enough green thread to finish all the green on this piece. 
This morning I popped into my local shop to get some more, but they are also out of this particular shade; they will get it for me later in the week.

While I was out I bought some summer fruit and made some jam.

English strawberries 

and Spanish apricots

only about 1kg in total

has given me 3 jars of delicious jam.

It was a beautiful afternoon in my part of the world, ideal for stitching outside.

Little more work on the same piece - applique flower,

© 2015

Sunday, 14 June 2015

not much going on

in the way of any stitching at the moment, so I will share some pictures with you, taken in our garden today.

After a long dry spell we have been having some fine rain, so good for plants.

Although we have had some warm sunny spells, it still isn't the "real summer";
if we even get it this year?

© 2015

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Bohemian FNwF

Firstly THANK YOU to Cheryll for hosting yet another Friday Night with Friends.

What was I working on this Friday night? Well, I am rather addicted to my latest project,

 and I finished the second unit  (of 18 in total).

And this how the first 2 units look joined together.

It has been a beautiful sunny weekend in my part of the world, although still chilly when the sun disappears behind the cloud.

I wish you all a very productive week! 

© 2015
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