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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

"country hearts and flowers" quilt

This is my "hearts" quilt finished at last.
The design is not mine, but the choice of colours is. The colours are based around the blue fabric (here used mainly for borders and backing). I have a stash of "modrotisk", traditional blue print fabric from the central Europe, so it was nice to use some of it at last. I enjoyed making this quilt very much, it has so many different blocks and some embroidery and buttons as embelishments.
I have stitched a sleeve on the back of the quilt and it is now hanging on our hall wall.

Spring Festival of Quilts

This was my second visit to the annual Exeter Quilt Show, held the last weekend in March. It is not a large show, that is the reason why I like it. It is big enough for all those necessary purchases and new ideas. A large area is taken up with a display of quilts, some of them just so, so beautiful. Needless to say, I took a lots of pictures to keep the memory alive.
Of course, as ever, I did not plan to buy anything, but, as ever, the temptation was just too great. I came away with a cushion kit, some fat qtrs (well, just in case) and a couple of off cuts of really beautiful fabrics. It could had been worse!

Monday, 29 March 2010

teddy bears

I love teddy bears!
I was given my first teddy when I was two years old. "Misha" lived with me for some 17 years. Sadly, he got lost during my parent's house move, when I was away.

Meet the "bear gang", they all live in my workroom. Of course they all have names!
They all found me in various ways, but I specially have a weakness for a teddy sitting on his own in a charity shop.
They are all special, of course; but George, the big brown bear in the middle, is very special, because it was my son who gave him to me.

These two are teddies I made. Brian, on the left, was the first teddy I ever made. I finished him in an one day workshop. I think that is the reason why he has had an expression of surprise ever since!
I made Bruce, on the right, next, to keep Brian company, so he would not feel left out in looking "not quite right".

more spring pictures

It seems that the spring has really arrived, the pictures show slow, but sure progress in the garden. We hear on the radio, that the first swallows have been seen back in England.
We are now waiting to see how many of our house martins will return to their nests on our house. In the 16 years we have lived here, the numbers have been declining. In the early years we had as many as 7 nests, but last year there were only two. The number of birds surviving the long journey from South Africa is going down quite fast.
There is an old man, who comes and counts the nest every summer, he has been coming as long as we have lived here. I don't know how many villages he visits, but every year we think perhaps we will not see him again, as he is getting very old, but every year he appears again. Only now it is his son or his granddaughter who drive him around.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

spring at last?

It seems that the spring has arrived in our garden,

which after a long and for us unusually cold winter is a very welcome sight. I like the picture from my garden at the bottom on the left, it is very pretty, but I much prefer my garden to look like the the picture on the right!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

embellished fabric book-project2-waterfall

This is second project, the two projects, stitched back to back will form a first page in my fabric book. I am very please with this one and it was a great fun to do. And again, because it is a such a small project, it did not take long to make.

I am also taking a lot of inspiration from a book "Mixed Media Exploration" by Beryl Taylor (see my links), an English lady, now living in USA. The book has lots of small projects and also instructions on how to bind the fabric book. Very, very good.

embellished fabric book-project1-secret door

This is something completely new to me. I went to this workshop not knowing, what to expect or if I am going to (or want to) like this. All I can say that is that I got hooked! It can be very addictive. The possibilities are endless. The attraction is, that it is on a small scale, ( my pages will be 6x6in - 15x15cm),a page can be completed in a day or two. The individual projects can be used in various ways, even as postcards to send to your friends.
I like the idea of making a book, and again it is up to you what theme you choose, if any, for your book, even just a sampler of stitches.
I am not working to any theme, just looking for a next inspiration. I am also looking forward to make a cover for my book.

embellished fabric book-instructions

small projects


Iris, I completed in 2009, I am not quite sure yet what to do with it.

wool applique hanging

I made this wall hanging at a workshop with Madeleine Millington (see my links), great fun to do! The only rule is that there are no rules! It is made with dyed pieces of a blanket, which Madeleine brought with her, but of course you can dye the fabric yourself, and embellished with all sorts. Even if you think you have gone wrong, you just cover it with something else!
Madeleine brought some of her lovely work to show us. It varied from a large blanket, to cushions, bags, Christmas tree decorations, even a waistcoat.
One of the ladies in our group made a bag for her small granddaughter in the shape of a Russian doll, very sweet.
So, any old blankets out there?

fabric manipulation sampler

This is just a play at fabric manipulation, made in calico, fun to do, and can be used in many ways in various projects.

first stumpwork

These are small pieces of stumpwork I did at Beppy Berlin workshops, a lovely, lovely Dutch lady living in England. I have been very fortunate, that over the years I have been able to attend some of her workshops and hope to do so again soon.

ribbon embroidery- scissors keeper

My first attempt at ribbon embroidery at a workshop.


I don't do a lot of beading, but I like to "have a go" now and then. I prefer to use beads in my embroidery.

crazy patchwork cushion 2008

I made this cushion in a Guild workshop, I hope to make another one soon, perhaps even a quilt?

lap quilt 2009

I enjoyed making this quilt very much, it was the first time I used embroidery to embellish my quilt.

beginning of quilting

A few years ago I went on a year long patchwork & quilting course. I did not take quilting up in a big way after that, but that knowledge is not forgotten, and now and then I like to make a quilt.
When my grandchildren were born, I gave each of them a baby quilt on the day they were born, to my granddaughter in 2005 on the left, and to my grandson in 2007 on the right.

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