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Monday, 29 May 2017

Ludlow and Croft Castle

Malvern Quilt Show out of the way, DH and I continued our short holiday.
On Friday we drove from Malvern to Ludlow (a pretty medieval market town on the Welsh border), sticking to "B" roads as much as possible, to enjoy more of the countryside.
Not our first visit here, but it would had been a shame not to visit again, while in the area.

I loved this plant and flower stall in the market.

From Ludlow we drove south, to Croft Castle  (NT), the home of Croft family for nearly 1,000 years.

The property is now in the care of National Trust, but not all of the rooms are accessible, as most of the upstairs rooms are still being used by the Croft family.
The downstairs decor is mainly from post first world war period.

On the wall in one of the small rooms is this beautiful fabric collage of the Croft Castle.
It is behind the glass, so unfortunately you will see some reflection.

The large attraction of the Croft Castle is its huge parkland, with many walks; unfortunately we were little too late in the day to explore those; but we spent a nice time in the large walled garden.

Back to Wyche Inn for one more night, but not before we drove to Welland, a village near Malvern, which we passed through the previous day. The reason? 
Their village green, small wild flower meadow,

with these beautiful orchids.

Nearly time to go home, but there is one more place to explore on the way....

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Friday, 26 May 2017

Malvern Quilt Show 2017

So, after all that rain on Wednesday, here comes Thursday and the first day of the show -
the sun was shining right from early morning, and it turnout to be a glorious day.
This was my second time in Malvern and each time I was lucky to have a beautiful day.
Malvern show is just the right size for me; not too large to overwhelm, but large enough to keep you busy for few hours.
There were some wonderful quilts in the show, and it is impossible to show all the ones I liked, but here is a quite a good selection.

The next one was my favourite;
 you can probably see why, considering my current project.

I bought few bits and bobs, and I thought I "behaved" quite well, until I stopped to talk to a very nice couple at the stall from Holland, specializing in Original Dutch chintzes. 

I am afraid I could not resist and came away with this
(a future project, very different from my recent ones): 

I hope you have enjoyed my show.

Next post - more sightseeing!

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