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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year 2017 HD Images



Friday, 23 December 2016

Les Fleurs Du Mardi top

All done; I am so pleased that I managed to finish the top this side of Christmas; the rest will have to wait until next year.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Anna's wall hanging

My granddaughter (age 11) has been working on a present for her other grandmother (with a little help from this one). 
She designed it herself and we shopped together for the fabrics.

And this is it!
(It is actually more straight then it looks on the picture.) 

It has a little pocket for those small treasures.

The background fabric for Les Fleurs du Mardi quilt has now arrived and I have started to plan the layout of the blocks. 
Quiltmania has used a dark fabric for their quilt, which I think is a very good idea. There are so many colours in my blocks; it would be difficult to find the right one.
I think this fabric is the right solution.

And a little cheer at the local garden centre - they really do move, play and sing 😉

Take it easy this week!

© 2016 

Mrs Beasley's Sampler Quilt - errors

Just a quickie, with the reference to the previous post.

Not only we had to wait too long for the final block, the instructions for the block came with some mistakes. 
I have already been contacted by  a fellow blogger having a problem, and I am sure there must be others wondering why their block isn't working.

These are the two I found (the hard way, after I have cut the fabric out).

As far as I remember, these 2 are the only ones.

Monday, 12 December 2016

all done

Mrs Beasley's Sampler Quilt BOM - very small quilt, but nearly 3 years in making. 

This time this wasn't down to me, but, as I said before, to having to wait for Leanne Beasley to publish Vignette magazine - supposed to be published every quarter, but which turnout to be very irregular; we had to wait 18 months for the latest issue.

So, there it is at last, hand quilted
 and now hanging on a bedroom wall.

This kind of project is my favourite one - 
a combination of patchwork, hand applique and embroidery.

This year I am not making any special Christmas project, just trying to get on with all those projects which are lurking in my work room.
I am waiting for the postman to bring me a fabric parcel, which will be a background for  
all those Fleurs du Mardi blocks.
In the meantime I am helping my granddaughter with her Christmas project.

But one has to think ahead to the new year :-),
a new project in the planning stage perhaps ?

I hope the run up to Christmas is not too hectic for you;
Christmas will come whatever you do (or don't)!

© 2016

Monday, 5 December 2016


It was a cold, cold week, the night temperatures were down to -6C or -7C in our part of the world, but dry, no snow yet. 
The sun did come out during the day, making  it much more bearable.

This is a good time of year to huddle inside with a good book or a good stitching project.
Friday night was another FNwF, over at 
Cheryll 's ; 
the last one this year.
Big thank you to Cheryll, for being such a good host this year, and I am sure we are all looking forward to meeting up at "her place" next year!

What was I sewing?
In the afternoon I put together the 4 section of Mrs Beasley's Sampler quilt, so set down in the evening and started to hand quilt it. 
It is a small quilt, so this should not take long.

I leave you with some pictures from last week.

© 2016

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

It is cold; last night was the coldest night so far, with a heavy frost; we woke up to white roofs and frozen windscreens - so glad I did not have to go out early this morning. 
But the sky was clear and blue - just the right day for a walk in the local park.

Some of the autumn colours is still holding on here.

The embroidery on Mrs Beasley's Quilt is coming along nicely; 
I really want to finish this one this year and tick the box.

Another very cold night is here, around -5C, cold enough for us :-)

© 2016

Friday, 25 November 2016

more blocks and Vignette 13

We have been having some horrendous weather this past week, rain, wind, floods.....
Not the time to go out unless you have to, so I managed to catch up with with all the blocks of Les Fleurs du Mardi BOM;
 and I am curious to see how Quiltmania is putting them together.

block 19

block 20

I am sure many of you know "Vignette Magazine"; for those who don't, this is  magazine published by Leanne Beasley ; it should had been published every qtr, but it is not working quite like that.
I bought an early issue, but was very disappointed; I thought it was very overpriced for what was inside. If you have come across it, I would be interested what you think.

However, much later I saw issue 10, which had the first block of "Mrs Beasley's Sampler Quilt" BOM in it, to be published in 4 parts, and I got "seduced". I loved the design (the combination of patchwork and embroidery, which I love) and I got stitching. Later came block 2, and after some pause, block 3 in issue 12. That was more then 18 months ago! Since then I had been waiting for issue 13.
During that time there was no explanation as to when or if ever the next issue of the magazine will be published. Even magazine distributors (and my supplier) had not been given any more information, and Leanne Beasley wasn't answering any enquiries.
I was beginning to give up, thinking I would have to make up the last block myself.
It seems that Leanne was "too busy" with her new fabric collections, but at last the issue 13 has appeared, and I can finish the quilt.
So, I have pieced the last block together and started on the embroidery.

We are now short on daylight, and the days have been dull, so pictures are not as good as I would like them to be.
I will try to replace them another day.

© 2016

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

catching up

It seems like ages since I blogged about any stitching!

First of all - my granddaughter (age 11) also finished her wall hanging, her first one; 
you might remember - we started making the same project at the end of the summer holiday - same pattern, different ideas about fabrics and colours.

both together

Being away for a couple of weeks, we seem to had missed the best of the autumn colour;
a quick visit to Stourhead last week just proved the point - a sharp frost few days earlier brought down many of the beautifully coloured leaves.

But I did take several nice pictures, despite it being a very dull day.

We never go home without a quick visit to the farm shop.

At home it is a busy time in our small garden - new long bed of roses is being planted in the front of the house. 
At the back we changed alpine garden, which wasn't doing very well here; we planted an olive tree and grasses instead. There is also a "re-shuffle" going on in the rest of the garden -
we will have to wait until next summer to see if it all worked.

Our quince tree produced its second harvest, a big improvement on last year, but unfortunately we lost some fruit to the brown rot.  Never mind, we are learning.

Still, there is enough fruit to process,

quince jam,


and there is still quite a few in the fridge waiting for me to do something with them.

Today I finished block no 18 for Quiltmania's BOM "Les Fleurs du Mardi".

The end is near, only 2 more!

Do you remember my holiday project? 
It was a kit by Nancy Nicholson and I embroidered the nice bag the kit came in, before we went away. 

This is what was in the bag, "Cuckoo", a cushion cover embroidery kit, very easy stitching, with the design printed on the fabric, just the thing to take on holiday.
You can see more of Nancy's kits, if you click here .

But the weather was much warmer then expected, and even sitting outside on the terrace of our hotel, my hands were getting too warm, so this is all I managed!

It's OK, it is a nice project to have around when I don't feel like doing anything demanding!

I hope to see you back here soon!

©  2016

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