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Monday, 12 December 2016

all done

Mrs Beasley's Sampler Quilt BOM - very small quilt, but nearly 3 years in making. 

This time this wasn't down to me, but, as I said before, to having to wait for Leanne Beasley to publish Vignette magazine - supposed to be published every quarter, but which turnout to be very irregular; we had to wait 18 months for the latest issue.

So, there it is at last, hand quilted
 and now hanging on a bedroom wall.

This kind of project is my favourite one - 
a combination of patchwork, hand applique and embroidery.

This year I am not making any special Christmas project, just trying to get on with all those projects which are lurking in my work room.
I am waiting for the postman to bring me a fabric parcel, which will be a background for  
all those Fleurs du Mardi blocks.
In the meantime I am helping my granddaughter with her Christmas project.

But one has to think ahead to the new year :-),
a new project in the planning stage perhaps ?

I hope the run up to Christmas is not too hectic for you;
Christmas will come whatever you do (or don't)!

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  1. it took so long for the publishing of the final block bu so worth waiting for this is a wonderful hanging.

  2. Oh it turned out stunning and it looks fabulous on your bedroom wall. And yes, you are right, Christmas will come either way and you are very clever not to get distracted by any Christmas crafts. Enjoy the season.

  3. Love Radka,

    The small quilt looks quite charming ... simply beautiful! Also the bedquilt looks great ... it fits very nicely together.Sorry, for the grammar!
    Greetings from Germany ... and a nice Advent season.

  4. Wow - this is really something. It must have been so much fun to make. I love all those extra stitches!

  5. So beautiful! Congrats no the finish :-)

  6. Radka, to je nádhera! Máš to v spálni na nezaspanie, len na pozeranie na stenu!

  7. What a gorgeous quilt with so many pretty details. It looks absolutely perfect hanging on your bedroom wall.

  8. It's a lovely finish Radka - so much detail and gorgeous colours. Talking of gorgeous colours the selection you have picked out are beautiful - I wonder what they will be! xx

  9. It's beautiful!!! Love it :)

  10. The end result is lovely - you must have been pretty focused to have it all finished so soon. I am looking forward to getting mine sorted - and thanks for publishing the errors.


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