Monday, 19 December 2016

Anna's wall hanging

My granddaughter (age 11) has been working on a present for her other grandmother (with a little help from this one). 
She designed it herself and we shopped together for the fabrics.

And this is it!
(It is actually more straight then it looks on the picture.) 

It has a little pocket for those small treasures.

The background fabric for Les Fleurs du Mardi quilt has now arrived and I have started to plan the layout of the blocks. 
Quiltmania has used a dark fabric for their quilt, which I think is a very good idea. There are so many colours in my blocks; it would be difficult to find the right one.
I think this fabric is the right solution.

And a little cheer at the local garden centre - they really do move, play and sing 😉

Take it easy this week!

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  1. What a wonderful gift your grand daughter made with your help. I'm sure the other grand mother will appreciate it. I like the dark sashing too, it makes the blocks sparkle.

  2. What a lovely gift your granddaughter has made - very special. Great fabric choice for your sashing - the blocks are looking lovely all together like that. xx

  3. what a talented granddaughter you have there lets hope she continues to stitch as she grows up.I would not be surprised that her granny sheds a tear when she opens her present!
    the fabric is spot on for your quilt.
    have a lovely Christmas

  4. Lovely gift made by your granddaughter, love your fabric choice :)

  5. Your granddaughter is very talented ! What a great and lovely gift she made !
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year , Carmen

  6. Hat's a wonderful gift your granddaughter made for her other grandma. She seems to have inherited your talent.


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