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Saturday, 24 September 2011

September Friday

We set out early on misty autumn morning, but by the time we reached Devon and the Blackdown Hills, the mist has lifted, the sun started to come through and we could enjoy the beautiful views of the hills, with just a hint of autumn colour. Our destination today was this month's Creative Stitches & Hobbycraft show at the West Point, Exeter.
It was very busy as always. I come here to stock up with the necessary essentials, but also to see what is new since the last show, and exhibitions which are a part of the show.

The Devon Lace group with Allhallows Museum in Honiton staged a lovely exhibition of lace from the museum.

I would love to be able to make bobbin lace, but it is just another thing I just haven't got time for.

Knitting has definitely made a comeback and this was also reflected at the show, with new yarn suppliers. I was mostly interested in a couple of Devon companies, supplying alpaca wool:

where I bought this beautiful mix of alpaca wool and silk for a pair of gloves. It feels fantastically soft and I can't wait to knit with it!

Another local company is The Little Wool Company, which I hope to buy some yarn from in the future.

Another interesting stand was "Devon Weavers". Weaving is another on my list of things to learn.

 Also "Chinese and Celtic Knots".
 I long time ago I bought a book about knots, but I found it very difficult to learn this craft from a book. Knots can have so many uses, from embellishments to jewelery making.

There was also a small exhibition of costumes from the first series of Downton Abbey.

After leaving the show, we drove along the coast and stopped for a late lunch at a very pleasant pub,
The Masons Arms in Branscome,

and later drove down to the Branscome beach for a walk, on a warm sunny afternoon.

We finished our afternoon with a pot of tea, sitting outside a restaurant, overlooking the beach.

It was a wonderful day.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

September Sunday

Despite the heavy rain all night, we went for our early morning walk in the forest, as we do most weekends. It was very wet and slippery, but the smell and the freshness of the forest in the morning blows the cobwebs away.
No luck with mushrooms today. We had a couple of very cold nights during the week and that combined with lots of rain, the little we did find was well "past the sell by date".

With the changing colours, the forest has a definite autumn feeling about it.

Our walk takes us past the AlfredsTower, looking quite spooky in the morning mist,

and the Convent, which is now a private property, hidden deep in the forest, behind high hedges and therefore I have to "borrow" this picture. It has a very much the look of Hansel and Gretel.

There are many beautiful trees in this forest, like this  Douglas Fir, so tall I can't take a picture of the whole tree! 

Damp and hungry, we returned home, to our weekend treat, a breakfast of bacon and eggs, and a large pot of fresh coffee.

Later I made a plum and almond flan, using up the last of our plums.

Last week was a busy one for me, so I haven't done much stitching, but I did get on with my knitting, mainly in the evenings.

Downton Abbey returns to our television screens tonight, in the new, 8 part series.
Apparently, while away, Matthew has got engaged, but NOT to Lady Mary!?!
There is not going to be very much of counting stitches in the front of the television tonight!

Saturday, 17 September 2011


It was when I was reading on Gudrun's blog that she has joined My Stitches blog, where they are exploring various stitches, I remembered my scroll.
I know that as an embroiderer I should be exploring and practicing various embroidery stitches, but I am not so disciplined. I tend to explore a particular stitch when I actually need it for a certain project, and only then I have a trial run on a separate piece of fabric. It also has a lot to do with how much time you have.
I few years ago I did stitch a small sampler, but what to do with it after I finished it? And how do I remember the names of the stitches?

So I photocopied the whole sampler onto a piece of paper and wrote on the names of the stitches,

and I rolled up both together into a scroll.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

last of the summer colour

The days are getting shorter and autumn is slowly moving in. We are getting a mixture of warm, late summer days, cold nights, rain and mist.
There is still a lot colour in the garden, but most of it could be blown away in the next few days; we have been warned about the tail end of Hurricane Katia, which is making its way across the Atlantic in our direction, the forecast is "severe gales and flooding". Although the worst of this is predicted to hit the north of the country, we are bracing ourselves, as our house is on a high ground, very exposed to the west and I know the garden will suffer, but we hope that there will not be any damage to the house.

This is todays' garden update:

There is the last of the plums to be picked.

And the forest mushroom season is here, usually much later then in the continental Europe.

I wish you all a safe week ahead!

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