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Sunday, 18 September 2011

September Sunday

Despite the heavy rain all night, we went for our early morning walk in the forest, as we do most weekends. It was very wet and slippery, but the smell and the freshness of the forest in the morning blows the cobwebs away.
No luck with mushrooms today. We had a couple of very cold nights during the week and that combined with lots of rain, the little we did find was well "past the sell by date".

With the changing colours, the forest has a definite autumn feeling about it.

Our walk takes us past the AlfredsTower, looking quite spooky in the morning mist,

and the Convent, which is now a private property, hidden deep in the forest, behind high hedges and therefore I have to "borrow" this picture. It has a very much the look of Hansel and Gretel.

There are many beautiful trees in this forest, like this  Douglas Fir, so tall I can't take a picture of the whole tree! 

Damp and hungry, we returned home, to our weekend treat, a breakfast of bacon and eggs, and a large pot of fresh coffee.

Later I made a plum and almond flan, using up the last of our plums.

Last week was a busy one for me, so I haven't done much stitching, but I did get on with my knitting, mainly in the evenings.

Downton Abbey returns to our television screens tonight, in the new, 8 part series.
Apparently, while away, Matthew has got engaged, but NOT to Lady Mary!?!
There is not going to be very much of counting stitches in the front of the television tonight!


  1. Thanks for sharing your morning walks in the woods. The convent house is very unique and loved seeing it. Your plum flan looks very yummie. Hugs Judy

  2. I would have loved to join you on your morning walk. What a nice way to start the day.
    You lucky one - I enjoyed the first part of Downtown Abbey so much and am looking forward for the next to come.

  3. What a lovely walk!! Thanks for reminding me about downton abbey! Had almost forgotten.... !!!

  4. Hi
    Autumn is my favorite season and with your pictures it will last longer. Ohhh... the colours!!!

    I can´t believe that there are a house like Convent in real life!!!!
    Exactly like Hans and Greta

    I really like the colours you have chosen in your stitching
    Have a nice week/Gudrun E

  5. Photos are gorgeous! I love the knitting very much too.

  6. The first photograph is just beautiful Radka [as they all are], and takes me to that place. That tree is a beauty isn't it. Lovely colours on the bracken [??] fern. Your knitting is coming along nicely too, and the cooking looks so yummy - especially as it's lunch time here where I am and I've had precious little this morning!! Haven't watched DA, not on hubby's list!! Take care, and have a lovely week.

  7. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. A delightful walk, yummy breakfast, scrumptious flan, knitting to enjoy, and topped of with Downton Abbey. Anne

  8. It does sound like a wonderful day. A walk in the forest sounds so lovely.

    The flan looks delicious too.

  9. Thanks Radka for taking us on such a delightful walk through your wonderful forest. I have the DVD of the first series of DA and am looking forward to seeing the next. Take care.

  10. What a wonderful walk Radka just the place id love to go....send me a slice of that flan please....lol x

  11. Thank you for taking me with you! Lovley to read and to enjoy your beautiful pictures!
    You really inspire me!

  12. Thank you Radka for this lovely post. Your knitting look super. The colour of the fern - I adore it. Here it is all fern - some of them 2 m high. We wish cows would eat them.

  13. Tak takovýhle domeček bych uprostřed našich lesů nenašla. Polozřícenou vojenskou budovu, to ano. Ta ale není zdaleka tak romantická. Musím se usmívat, protože shodou okolností jsem si nedávno vychutnávala stejný TV seriál, o jakém tu píšeš. Moc se mi líbil a plést se při něm rozhodně nedalo. Miluju seriály BBC, zvlášť ty romantické. Některé znám nazpaměť :-)
    Taky mě zaujala ukázka tvého pletení. To je přesně to pravé, co bych si představovala pro své rostlinami barvené příze. Děkuji za inspiraci. Budu si muset udělat čas a pročíst si celý tvůj blog.


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