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Friday, 9 September 2011

lost Peru

This story is a touch complicated.
As we all know, the next Summer Olympics will be held in London, in 2012.
For this occasion the Embroiderer's Guild of UK decided to stage an exhibition of wall hangings made by individual branches of the Guild.  Each wall hanging is being made from members embroidered cards, measuring 4 x 6in each, and joined together. The theme for the wall hangings are countries taking part in the Olympics and each branch of the Guild was given a country which it will represent. The embroideries themselves could be anything which we connect with that particular country.
My local branch was given Peru.

As all the wall hanging are supposed to be ready for this autumn, everyone was busy during the summer, stitching their card. My decision to joint the project was a last minute one and so was my embroidery!
One of our members kindly volunteered to take on the work of joining all our cards together.
As I did not have the time to drive over to her, I put my card in the post. This was on the 15th August.
I think you know what comes next, it did not arrive, or rather it took 3 and half weeks to get to its destination, distance of some 10 miles, via 2 sorting offices! Apparently, I did not put the correct postage on the letter!
By then I decided, for various reasons, not to renew my Guild membership this September. As I will not be a member by the time the wall hangings will go on show, my card has been returned to me. So, as it is not going to be seen anywhere else, I give you my



  1. It is a beautiful card and very symbolic of Peruvian culture.

  2. What a sad story, your card is wonderful and very much Peru.The same happens here in Sweden with post:-((.Have you used wool to stitch on? You are such a great talent, Radka!
    Kram Gudrun

  3. How disappointing for you, Your card looks very Peruvian and the colouring and embroidering is very Peru. It is their loss not including it in the wall hanging.

  4. How frustrating for you Radka after all the hard work and such a wonderful result not to see it displayed where it was meant to be. Thank you for sharing this story with us and we appreciated seeing your lovely embroidery - very Peruvian. Take care.

  5. What a darned shame. That is such a wonderful piece you did. The motif looks very Peruvian and the colours are striking. At lease we can get to view it on your blog. What is wrong with the postal industry these days!!!


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