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Saturday, 31 March 2012

end of March

and summer has returned to spring. Today is gloomy and cold, but still no rain, which we badly need.
I have made most of the wonderful summer weather we enjoyed until yesterday, stitching in the garden as much as I could. The light is so much better outside then any artificial light inside.

I finished another block of the indigo quilt, with more practice of stitching shishas. I enjoy this relaxed style of embroidery,

which is very different from the more controlled style of my silk project.
Still some more work to be done here.

I also managed to knit few more rows of the lace scarf,

and some more hand quilting of the Summer quilt.

Despite the shortage of water, the garden is slowly waking up and there are more and more signs of life.

Even first plum blossoms.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

March Saturday

Spring? We have summer!
Today's early morning walk, in a lovely warm sunshine, took us past the smell of freshly cut logs

to Parkhill Camp, an Iron Age settlement, about which I wrote before here.

There had been a lot of activity here during the winter, some of the large beech trees have been cut down.

It is all still looking very bare here, but in the few weeks time the floor here will look like this, a carpet of bluebells.

For now we are happy to see some wild primroses.

Back at home, while working in the garden, not a meter from the hedge, I realised there was a pair of little eyes watching me.

A mum blackbird, sitting on the nest, in March! She did not mind while I went to get my camera and took a picture.

In the balmy 18C we took some garden furniture out of the winter storage and spent the afternoon relaxing in the sunshine.

A good time to start the next stage of my Indigo quilt.

More of the same tomorrow? I hope so!

I wish you also a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Frosty nights, but definitive signs of SPRING in the garden.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

happy Mother's Day!

All this and a wonderful lunch yesterday.
Thank you!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

book bag

Last Monday I joined a workshop "Indian Stitching: Embroidered Book Bag" at Hansons Fabrics.
I always enjoy Hansons workshops, they are so well run. All the materials are included in the cost, as are all the refreshments; tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival, a splendid buffet lunch and afternoon tea and cake, all this organised by Sheila. Thank you, Sheila, for looking after us so well!

Our tutor was Tiggy Rawling. Do visit her blog here, to see her fabric dyeing and read about her travels to India.
The object of the workshop was a sample of a cloth book bag. This type of bag is used in Asia to protect precious books.

First of all we traced the embroidery pattern into the fabric, then embroidered the design using chain stitch for the outline and Indian filling stitch ( Romanian stitch) and closed herringbone stitch as a filling stitches, with shishas in the centre of the flowers.

After completing the embroidery, we made up the bag, including the lining.


my Indian book bag

Another very enjoyable day spent in the company of Tiggy Rawling.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

starting indigo quilt

I have been really busy last few days, including a workshop with Tiggy Rawling yesterday, but that will be another post, when I'll finish a project started at the workshop.

I have at last started working on the Indigo quilt. I have stitched together all the pieces, plus the wadding and the backing.
I don't have a clear plan, but my intention is to cover each section in some embroidery, Indian or some other form of ethnic stitching.

To make a start (a warm up), I have been playing with some stitches and mirrors.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

my news

A phone call from the hospital this afternoon - all is well, my test result is normal!!!
I can get on with my life.
Thank you all, you beautiful people, for holding your thumbs, crossing your fingers or whatever you hold or cross in your part of the world, for all your lovely messages and thoughts, it all helped me during a very scary time. I will never forget your love, support and care you have shown me during this past week.
There is nothing "virtual" about you, you are all very real to me, my blogging friends.
And now - back to stitching.
I will come and visit you soon, to see what you have been up to!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

something for Easter

Stitching is a bliss. And this week it proved to be a good therapy, because it helped me to calm down and carry on.

Last week I showed you the start of "something small for Easter". And here it is, a small spring tablecloth.

All applique and quilting is hand stitched.

Have a wonderful week !

thank you

I would like to say BIG THANK YOU to all of you who commented on my last post, or have sent me personal emails. Thank you all, you lovely people! Many of you have already taken this journey before me and I am so pleased that for you it has turned out well. Statistics show that increasing number of us will be taken this journey, partly due to the wonderful technical equipment now available, which picks up more details, but this also can cause a lot anxiety, until the "all clear" is given, during which time a support is so important.
Yet again I am overwhelmed by the wonderful friendship of the blogging community, the care and mutual support. What did we do before the Internet arrived?

                                                            THANK YOU

Saturday, 3 March 2012

not just good journeys

I called my blog "my stitching and other journeys", because it is not just about stitching, and sometimes I  have taken you with me on "other " journeys, visits to nice and interesting places.
So, I was very undecided if I should take you with me this time, a journey of a different kind.
Because I have been using my blog as a kind of a journal, in the end I have decided to record this journey also. As far as I know, most of my blog visitors are women, and therefore will understand. It will also explain why I haven't kept up with your blogs past week or so.

As most of you of a certain age would have been called from time to time for a routine breast screening, so have I. In the past my every visit to a mobile screening unit was followed by a "all clear" letter.
Unfortunately not this time, they found something which wasn't there before. When the letter arrived last Tuesday, it gave me a shock, as you can understand. I was given an appointment in two days time for a second screening, this time at our county hospital some 40 miles away. Needless to say that two sleepless nights followed, during which my mind was conjuring up all sorts of scenarios. It was difficult to go on with the day to day routine. So, on Thursday DH and I (him for moral support, trying hard not to show how worried he was) drove to the hospital.
I am not going to bore you with the details, but after another mammogram and an ultrasound, some prodding with a needle to take a sample to be sent for testing, I am now waiting for the results. A week they said. However, I am calmer now. The staff at the breast care unit were friendly and smiling, the female doctor young and chatty, explaining all, while she was doing her job. I know now where the problem is and that it is being dealt with. It was the fear of the unknown which temporarily sent me spinning out of my orbit. If I'll have to go back, I will know what to expect.
There is an English saying that "an ignorance is a bliss", what do you think?
Oh, shall I mention the terrible coffee in the hospital restaurant? Or the machine at the hospital car park "pay station", which would not take our money ( high fees charged in most English hospital car parks) until a "technical help" was called, by which time a long queue formed behind us? They are all small details.........

I wish you all a pleasant weekend!

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