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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

sometimes it needs a blitz

Because I like to have several projects on a go at the same time, I am very good at organising them.
Each new projects gets its own project box, which includes most of the materials I plan to use (fabrics, threads, yarn, needles etc).  That's the exiting bit.
So whenever I feel like working on any of them, I pick up a particular box and just get on with it.

But what I am not very good at is "filing" it all back, when I finish a project.
And so my room sometimes ends up being a chaos, no space to create.
Action is needed....

That's better!

I like this storage system by Really Useful Storage Boxes .

And they come in so many different sizes.

The threads are stored in ArtBin boxes, 
for which DH made me a simple cabinet, so the boxes can be used as draws.

I love my Horn sewing machine cabinet, it has been with me many years.
I keep it permanently open, but when I need some desk space, 
I just push the machine down and put a wooden board across the top.

And at last I got around to allocating a box for small fabric scraps for applique.

For a tiny room I have a lot of storage here.
I just need to keep it tidy!

P.S. If you have tried to leave a comment on my blog in the last couple of days and did not managed to do it, or have not received an answer from me, I apologise. It was because I was "fiddling" with the system and managed to mess it up! ūüėē All back to normal now (I hope).

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

with grandchildren at Stourhead in October,

so it must be a half term school holiday, nearly a family tradition now.
Unfortunately we did not pick a very bright day, but at least it was dry and still very mild.
The colours of trees are not as good as last year, and the recent storms brought lots of leaves down, but still a very nice place for a walk ( and running  and climbing trees...and I don't mean the grandparents ūüėÄ)

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Monday, 23 October 2017

what happened to two mad hares?

Having finished the main part of the "mad hares" reverse applique,
(started at the workshop with Dawn Cameron-Dick ),

I decided to make a border and change it into a wall hanging.  
I appliqued trees (using the normal needle turn applique), and embroidered some grasses, to match the design of the main fabric.

And here it is - hand quilted with Aurifil threads.

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Craft4Crafters and quince weekend

This is the second year the Bath & West Showground is hosting October craft show, The Craft4Crafters.
As it is only some couple of miles from me, of course I had to go.
Most of it was the usual stuff, something for everyone, little top heavy with papercraft again, but that is just my opinion.

There was something new this year - a new quilt hall; 
not very large, probably as this is the first year.
Several fabric stalls and some nice quilts on show.
I tried to take some pictures of quilts to share with you, but managed to take only a couple,
 before being told "not to take pictures". This was the first time this has happened to me at a quilt show, but probably a sign of times ūüėē

So these are the only two,

this one was Yoko Saito's BOM, which I also made, 
so I was interested how someone else made theirs.
There are many of these around the world by now, and they are all so different.

And this is the second one (my weakness for houses ūüėČ).

The main exhibit was The Magna Carta Quilts. By then it got somewhat confusing what can be photographed and what can't, as some people were taking pictures on their mobiles, but not wanting to push my luck, this is just some info from the brochure.

I made some very small purchases (not like me at all, LOL).

The threads are really lovely, the lady I bought them from, brings them in from Spain.

In the meantime most of our garden refuses to admit that the seasons do change,

but the quinces were ready to harvest.

Some of them are really huge, over a half kg each!
To make a jam, I had to use a couple of pans this time,

and ended up with 9 jars!

And there are still some left over

 and few more on the tree. 
I will use those for cooking and will try to freeze some.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

reverse applique with Dawn Cameron Dick

As I mentioned in my previous post, Catherine and I met for a cuppa on Friday afternoon; and the reason Catherine was down this way, was a Saturday class at  Midsomer Quilting (their new home in Chilcompton) with Dawn Cameron Dick

The class was a reverse applique, 
called " Three Mad Hares". 

Although it was called "Three Mad Hares", we were free to choose how many hares do we actually want too sew and how large.
We spent a very enjoyable and fun day with Dawn, she is lovely and a great teacher.

I chose to make two small hares.

prep work - tracing a pattern around freezer paper

When I got home on Saturday, I just had to finish the first hare,

and last night I finished the second one.

Lets just say here that this was the first time I have done reverse applique, as I was always little afraid of it, but Dawn made it look so easy.

Thank you Dawn! 

I plant to make my hares into a wall-hanging, 
with some more applique and embroidery on the borders.

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