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Sunday, 8 October 2017


Thank you again to Cheryll for putting up with us for yet another Friday night!
What was I up to? 
This is not really very exiting, but it just has to done - prep for two last borders of my "St Germain" quilt.
 I am making them at the same time, not because I want them to be exactly the same, but I just want the distribution of leaves and circles to be even on the top and bottom borders.

In the afternoon I met up for the first time with a fellow blogger, Catherine . 
It was lovely to meet her in person at last; on Saturday we spent a very pleasant day doing the same thing..., but about that in my next post.
I just want to share with you few pictures from our garden - still lovely in the autumn sunshine.

  This beautiful salvia, which came home with us from Cornwall last week,
seems quite happy in the new flower bed.

The quinces are nearly ready for the last jam of the year.

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  1. I think my plants (on the balconies) are confused over weather, too hot for October.
    Three of them are blooming for the second time this year, they think it's Spring again! :)

  2. OH! Radka, your garden looks beautiful in Autumn. Those Quinces look spectacular. O do love the flavour of them in both Jams & jellies. We are in a very damp spring & I have an Agapanthus flowering near the front door. No sign of any of the others blooming yet, we usually see them around Christmas time.

  3. Nice to get your prep work for the border done.
    Lovely to met Catherine and spend time chatting.
    What a pretty and productive garden. Love the purple Salvia.

  4. You still have so much going on in your garden! I love the combination of the salvia and ?aster. Quinces don't grow that big here, I think people have them only for the flowers.

  5. Beautiful work at fnwf... and gorgeous garden...xox

  6. Even the boring jobs have to be done! Your garden always looks so lovely. Our quinces rotted on the trees - too dry here for them this year I think and my blue salvias are finished too. Sad face! xxx

  7. Your garden looks so lushes still; it's amazing to think it's October. And I wish I could reach in and get a few of your lovely quinces. My mum had a quince tree in her garden and she always made wonderful jams as well as jellies. Yum!

  8. Beautiful garden. Prep work is so nice to get done....good work x

  9. Your garden is beautiful! Your prep work is looking good!

  10. Pretty flowers! I don't know about quinces. They look a bit like apples. Great that you had a productive evening with FNWF, even if it wasn't exciting.


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