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Saturday, 29 October 2011

week's update

Not much stitching done this week, besides the 38 blocks for my Scandinavian Christmas quilt border and they are ready to be joint together.
An autumn project with our granddaughter, she made an Autumn book from pressed leaves and flowers.

Vintage Fair on Saturday, another busy venue.

I came home with a pretty piece of cotton fabric, which will go beautifully with some gold coloured silk, a remnant I found in a furnishing shop some time ago.

You can see a lot more pictures from the vintage fair here.

A parcel arrived from Tiggy Rawling's "Indigo Shop", a lovely selection of hand dyed and block printed fabrics, also threads, shisha mirrors, buttons and shell sequins.

Lots of projects and lots of ideas, all I need now is lots of time!

I leave you with some pictures I took last week at the back of our house.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

apples and hearts

you have been here with me before.
This weekend we came here not only for a walk on a beautiful autumn day, but also to visit the Apple Day at the Stourhead farm shop, a regular annual event.

It gives us an opportunity to taste and buy a large selection of locally grown apples.
I love some of the wonderful names given to apples, for instance "Slack-ma-girdle"!

This area is also known for its apple cider and there are many producers here, old and new.
A relatively new company is  Fosseway Somerset Cider, which had a stand here today and we had a chance to sample their cider which is very nice.

 Needless to say that we came home with some of the "tastings".

I think I should explain a little the name "Fosseway".
Fosse Way was a road build by the Romans, which connected Exeter in the Southwest of England with Lincoln in Northeast.

It is possible that it was originally a defensive ditch to mark the western frontier of the Roman rule in Britain, and later filled in. Many parts of the original road still form parts of the roads today.
Fosseway runs through our county of Somerset, hence the name is used quite often here.
You can read more about Fosseway here.

Of course I could not help myself and I had to make an apple pie when back home, to keep to the spirit of the day.


My stitching week has been taken up mainly with the small blocks for the Scandinavian Christmas border. I am now glad that I have decided to finish the quilt as per the original pattern, it will give it a nice finish.

I have found this sign in the National Trust shop at Stourhead.
I think it will go so well with the quilt.

I have also made some progress on the Norwegian design jacket.

During the week I received my order of this beautiful lace yarn, from Nimu Yarns,
a mixture of alpaca, silk and cashmere. I first saw this yarn on rubysasha's blog, thank you rubysasha for "discovering" it!
I plan to make a large scarf rather then a shawl, when I decide on a pattern.
I have a couple of lovely patterns in mind. I like both of them very much, I just need to make up my mind.

I wish you all a very good week!

Sunday, 16 October 2011


We have been having beautiful autumn weather for the past week, as if the nature is trying to make up for the bad summer.

We have started to tidy up the garden before the winter comes, a job I don't particularly like, as this makes the garden look empty and sad, but it has to be done.

Although some plants, like the Dublin Bay rose still carry on producing beautiful flowers

and there still is some more colour in the garden.


I have finished the main part on the Scandinavian Christmas quilt/wall hanging. Next comes the border. In the original design the border is made up of 38 small blocks, a mixture of applique, patchwork and embroidery, so a lot of stitching yet to come.

And here comes my dilemma. Do I opt out for a plain border and get on with the quilting which, I must admit, is very tempting......I have seen on Lynette Anderson's gallery that someone has done just that.
But this would not do a justice to the original Lynette Anderson's design and there is a very good reason why I got attracted to this pattern in the first place.
So, 38 blocks, here I come!

I leave you today with a couple of interesting forms from this weekend's walk in the forest.

I wish you a very good week!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

latest on comments

Back to posting comments again.  Apparently the Blogger is trying to sort this problem out. In the meantime they recommend that you switch to "full page" or "pop-up" in your comment setup :
settings - comments - comments form placement.

follow up on my last post

A big "thank you" to all of you who left a comment on my last post. Some of you think that the problem is mainly with blogs with no "word verification" and although I agree that this has happened in most cases, sometimes even with the word verification my comment just vanishes.
It also could be your "spam" box on your blog, so please check this for lost comments, it might need resetting. So far I am not aware of anyone having a problem commenting on my blog, but if you do, please send me an email.
I hope the Blogger sorts this out soon, it is very frustrating! Dont' worry Clara, I am keeping calm :)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

anyone with the same problem?

I am having a problem with leaving my comments on some of your blogs. When I press "post comment", my comment just vanishes and I have no idea if it is being saved or not :(
It happens only on some blogs, and it has been going on for a few days.
I do come to visit, you just can't see me!
Anyone else is having this problem?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

what am I stitching now?

It has been a wonderful week, Autumn decided to wait a while and Summer came back to us, be it for a short while. During the last week the temperatures did not drop below 25C during the day, with wall to wall sunshine. We moved back into the garden, with garden furniture emerging out of the shed again.
Today we are back to the weather we expect in October; misty autumn rain, but last week's respite was so welcome! It gave me a chance to do a little stitching outside again.

I did a little more on my Jacobean embroidery,

finished block 3 and started on block 4 of the Scandinavian Christmas quilt.

I also made a start on my "Summer" quilt, little late in the year, so lets hope I will finish it by next summer! I was inspired to make this quilt by fabric I received from Cyndi's giveaway (formerly of "Bluebird's Wing" blog) earlier this year.

The fabric is "Lovely" by Moda, a really pretty design. I wanted to get some more of the same fabric, but it took me a while to find UK stockist. Eventually I managed to find Pelenna Patchworks , who include "Lovely" in their range of fabrics.

These are the first 3 blocks of "Summer" quilt.

Thank you again, Cyndi, for giving me a start with this truly "lovely" fabric
and GOOD LUCK with whatever you are doing now!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Jane Hall

I would like to return to my last week's post. Not all the pictures I took at the Exeter show have come out. Sometime I find difficult to take pictures at shows, with the interference of all the other lighting.

One of the pictures missing was the one I took of Jane Hall's small stand. Jane Hall is an embroiderer and a fabric artist with an enormous talent. She studied Design Embroidery and now works from her studio in Dorset.
I had the pleasure to meet this petite young lady at a talk she gave to our embroidery group a couple of years ago. Her work is beautiful. She takes her inspiration from the nature around her and the results are fantastic three dimensional pieces of art, worked mainly in silk, fabric & thread; many varieties of flowers, leaves, moths, butterflies, dragonflies, cobwebs, beetles, lacewings, tree bark; they all form "the cloth of nature", as she calls it.

I bought her book " Reflections of Nature" some time later and I am glad I did, it is a shear pleasure to read and to look at.
This is not "how to" book, there are no projects and no instructions. It is Jane's creative journey, from when she was a little girl, having tea parties with fairies and looking for tree-men in the woods with her grandmother. Her world has probably always been full of magic and this reflects in her work. She is an inspiration to anyone doing or interested in embroidery.
Please have a look at her website here and while you are there, do take a look at her wedding dress.
There is also a short introduction to her DVD:
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