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Sunday, 9 October 2011

latest on comments

Back to posting comments again.  Apparently the Blogger is trying to sort this problem out. In the meantime they recommend that you switch to "full page" or "pop-up" in your comment setup :
settings - comments - comments form placement.


  1. The blog I want to comment doesn't have the normal window to switch to "full page". But the problem is recent - I always commented there in that way with no problems... hoping Blogger sorts this problem out soon!
    Thanks for all the information

  2. I love your heading Radka ;-))
    I have not been very active commenting lately so I am not up to date on this problem..

  3. Me alegro de que estés aquí de nuevo,siempre es muy agradable saber de tí y conocer las cosas que vas haciendo.


  4. I have been told by a number of friends that their comments on my blog 'disappear'. I have no idea how to fix it I'm afraid. I have not had any problems commenting on blogs, either with pop-up comment window like this one, or with the one that is on my blog. I hope it soon gets put right, people must get very frustrated.

  5. Hello Radka, Hope this helps,I remember the kindness you showed me when I first started to blog and you helped me with my profile.
    Something the same happened to me with the comments ages ago and a fellow blogger said: When you sign in to your blog with email and password .DONT click stay signed in, unclick it. Since doing this I have never had a problem with comments since.
    Another way was to click the heading of the post to be able to comment. Hope it helps!!

  6. Hi Radka, Your header is super gorgeous. What a lovely time of year Autumn is with all it's beautiful colours. Lovely background to your blog too.

  7. Thanks for the tip Radka and I too absolutely love your header for Autumn. Take care.

  8. I found out that the trick with unclick "stay signed in" as Jen says is working with some blogs - but it is annoying really when you have to sign in several times, up to three times and even sometimes my best comments disappear.
    But I can write you via e-mail.... it is ok

  9. Yes, I've had endless trouble with leaving comments that disapear, despite trying to unclick "stay signed in". One or two send up a screen to tell me I do not have permission. Not sure how to get over it except that I am able to e-mail my most frequent friends.

    No trouble with yours though.


  10. Thank you for nice comment! I love your heading, what kind of nuts?? I see you're stitching Scandinavian Christmas, can't wait to see it. I bought one of the block patterns, but I CANNOT FIND IT!! Well, maybe next year?

  11. Hi Radka! Lovely acer leaves - It seems the problems with leaving comments have been solved - in the meantime I am battling with my ipod and a new laptop!! Technology! Grrr.....


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