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Sunday, 16 October 2011


We have been having beautiful autumn weather for the past week, as if the nature is trying to make up for the bad summer.

We have started to tidy up the garden before the winter comes, a job I don't particularly like, as this makes the garden look empty and sad, but it has to be done.

Although some plants, like the Dublin Bay rose still carry on producing beautiful flowers

and there still is some more colour in the garden.


I have finished the main part on the Scandinavian Christmas quilt/wall hanging. Next comes the border. In the original design the border is made up of 38 small blocks, a mixture of applique, patchwork and embroidery, so a lot of stitching yet to come.

And here comes my dilemma. Do I opt out for a plain border and get on with the quilting which, I must admit, is very tempting......I have seen on Lynette Anderson's gallery that someone has done just that.
But this would not do a justice to the original Lynette Anderson's design and there is a very good reason why I got attracted to this pattern in the first place.
So, 38 blocks, here I come!

I leave you today with a couple of interesting forms from this weekend's walk in the forest.

I wish you a very good week!


  1. Autumn is here,yes indeed:-))
    Scandinavian Christmas, so beautiful.
    Hugs Gudrun

  2. Thank you, Radka!
    I am a beginner but much work you! Thanks for the encouragement!

    I wish you a beautiful week!

  3. Wow wonderful Scandinavien Christmas quilt!! Sorry I do not understand what you want some help with... But I Might have put another boarder on .. Are you going to quilt it yourself??
    Take care and have fun!!

  4. Your garden is always delightful Radka, despite the season. I wish you well with the Christmas wallhanging border. I am sure you will be happier in the long run if you put in the effort. The last two photos are particularly inspiring, thank you for adding these.

  5. I would put the original border - in the end you will be happier with it. I feel that something would be missing without it.
    I am always admiring your garden.

  6. I always enjoy seeing photos of your garden Radka and I think you have made a wise decision with the Christmas wallhanging and you will really enjoy the finished result - something to stitch in front of the fire. Take care.

  7. Yes, autumn again for us and the garden to put to bed before winter, although it's such a pity to pull up plants before they have gone over. Yours still has some delightful colour.

    I followed the link to the quilt pattern, and the border is so just right it would be sad not to follow the original. Makes me realise Christmas is not so very far away now. Anyway, a nice project to work on up to Christmas.

  8. ciao....sono contenta di fare la tua conoscenza....mi piacciono molto i tuoi lavori.per cui ti verr; a trovare spesso..

  9. Your garden is very beautiful and your embroideries are wonderful

  10. Radka, your garden always looks beautiful and you complement it more with your photos. I would also do the same as you are thinking - complete the actual border, as you say it is what drew you to the quilt in the first place.

  11. I would do either but I love how it has come together so far.


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