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Sunday, 10 December 2017

the week and FNwF

Firstly - big thank you to Cheryll for hosting another FNwF , the last one of the year! See you all in 2018!

After another mild spell at the start of the week, this winter's first snow came on Friday; 
not the nice fluffy stuff, more sleet then snow, which did not settle, but made everything wet, and which froze overnight, changing footpaths into a skating ring, with just little white here and there, including our kitchen roof.

On Friday afternoon I made a cake; 
no, not Christmas baking yet, just a simple marble cake to have with coffee this weekend.

In the evening I settled down with my  "Mystical Lanterns" blanket and made few more motifs.

Earlier this week I spent a quite bit of time rearranging my sewing room. 
You might remember that I had a bash not so long ago and tried to make it more tidy, but still it just did not work for me. Since we moved to this house and had to "downsize" my sewing room, I didn't have enough room to open fully my Horn cabinet, which seemed a shame. Not a huge issue, but there were other problems also, like not really having enough space for the ironing board. I do have a smaller, table top ironing board, but to enough "top" to have it comfortably out all the time, so I prefer to have a floor standing one. This one is smaller, not a full size one, so I should be able to have it up all the time, which is so much more convenient.
So, I decided to turn the whole room around, which also involved moving all the shelves (with DH's help). I also had a good sort out of my books and some various stash, and made a trip to the charity shop.
It is quite incredible how much difference moving few things around makes.
The floor area stayed exactly the same size of course (very small), I did not remove any furniture. But the room now seems larger, and the Horn cabinet can be fully opened.
So, welcome to my "new" sewing room.

Today started very wet and windy,
and now there is some sleet coming down, which will (I expect) freeze overnight .....

Have a safe week!

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Quilter's Patch quilt - 3 more blocks

Tulips block,

Daylily block,

and Dahlia block.

So that is 9 blocks so far - lots more to come yet.
Unfortunately I don't seem to spot my mistakes until after I complete a block -
but life is too short to go back and correct it, specially here, where each block is constructed from
so many small pieces. I can live with it.

I have just come across a tip by Angela Madden :

"There are no 'brownie points' in Heaven for doing things the hard way!"

How I agree with that!

©pleasureinstitching.blogspot.co.uk 2017

Sunday, 19 November 2017

crafting this week - Quilter's Patch and more...

St Germain quilt has gone into storage, it will have to wait until after Christmas to be quilted.

Instead (after a long break) the Quilters Patch quilt (designed by Edyta Sitar) has come out of its box for another block,  this one is called "Petunia block", sixth so far. I need to be in the right frame of mind to work on this quilt, because most of the blocks have many pieces, this one (14in block) has over 80 pieces of various sizes.

(The quality of pictures is not great at this time of year, most of them taken in the evening light.)

Needless to say, there is some unpicking going on here, as some of the background pieces are so similar in size; 
if not paying attention, it is so easy to join together wrong bits.
But in the end it all comes together.

And I have just spotted a mistake! 
Oh well, I think I can live with that one (in the grand scheme of things 😒).

What else have I been up to this week?

My "Winter Quilt" has also come out of the storage and is hanging on the wall.

And as we are getting close to Christmas, the crochet project "Santa's Village" has also resurfaced for another block, also no 6. That means that I am nearly a half way there. 
May be in another couple of years.......

And here is the crochet project, "Mystical Lanterns" blanket.
Individual motifs are joined into strips, which will be joined together later.
I made another strip this week.

 Again, I am half way there.

Outside, despite some frosty nights, our garden is still refusing to admit a defeat.

©pleasureinstitching.blogspot.co.uk 2017 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

St Germain quilt top and new web shop

All done at last!
Here it is blowing in the wind on the washing line. It is too long for the line, so you can't see the top border, but it does have one! This was a long exercise in needleturn applique!  
 I don't usually wash it at this point, but I had to draw a grid on the fabric for placements of the orange peel shapes, and although I managed to get rid of most of the lines, some just did not want to budge completely, hence a quick wash.
I think this quilt will look nice hand quilted, so it will take a long time yet before it will be finished.

The lovely people at Midsomer Quilting, just few miles from me, have now opened online shop,
and you can explore midsomerq.com here . What is unusual about this web shop is that they will cut you as little as 10cm, which will be very welcome by many applique quilters!

We had a lovely sunny day here today (after a frosty night).
I leave you with a couple of pictures from our local park.

©pleasureinstitching.blogspot.co.uk 2017

Saturday, 4 November 2017

getting there with St Germain and woolly plans

Sigh of relief! 
The last piece of applique on St Germain quilt border no 4 is done!

I spent most of the evenings this week 
snipping away all the fabric behind the applique pieces to reduce the bulk.

It was a long job, but all done now, and I can stitch the borders on and think about the backing.
I have lots of fabrics left over from this project, so I think I might use it to make up a piece for the back.
With winter evenings coming I am thinking something "woolly".

Last year I made a wool embroidered cushion,

but this year I would like to have a go at wool applique.

I love some of the folk inspired designs and I like Sue Spargo's designs, but when I saw a pattern by Erica Kaprow, 
I instantly fell in love with it 
and this morning the postman delivered it.

It comes in a form of a leaflet, 
but cleverly has its own folder to keep the loose pattern sheets in.
I like that.

I am thinking of using wool felt instead of wool fabric. Wool fabric is more expensive, and unless you dye your own (not something I want to get into), the choice of colours is not so great.
I already have some hand dyed wool felt (bought at various shows) in my stash. You see, you just never know when something comes handy! 😉
For my cushion I used wool felt as the background and it worked well, but I am even contemplating using dark fabric, possibly batik, which I would stabilise.

I made this wool sampler at a workshop with Madeleine Millington.
She was using dyed blankets, which she brought to the class.
It was fun to make, and my first taste of wool applique (or any applique for that matter), but the whole thing is rather thick.

Something to think about.....

In the garden the delphinium and the clematis started flowering again, and the camellia thinks the spring is just around the corner.

I think they are in for a shock soon!

©pleasureinstitching.blogspot.co.uk 2017

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

sometimes it needs a blitz

Because I like to have several projects on a go at the same time, I am very good at organising them.
Each new projects gets its own project box, which includes most of the materials I plan to use (fabrics, threads, yarn, needles etc).  That's the exiting bit.
So whenever I feel like working on any of them, I pick up a particular box and just get on with it.

But what I am not very good at is "filing" it all back, when I finish a project.
And so my room sometimes ends up being a chaos, no space to create.
Action is needed....

That's better!

I like this storage system by Really Useful Storage Boxes .

And they come in so many different sizes.

The threads are stored in ArtBin boxes, 
for which DH made me a simple cabinet, so the boxes can be used as draws.

I love my Horn sewing machine cabinet, it has been with me many years.
I keep it permanently open, but when I need some desk space, 
I just push the machine down and put a wooden board across the top.

And at last I got around to allocating a box for small fabric scraps for applique.

For a tiny room I have a lot of storage here.
I just need to keep it tidy!

P.S. If you have tried to leave a comment on my blog in the last couple of days and did not managed to do it, or have not received an answer from me, I apologise. It was because I was "fiddling" with the system and managed to mess it up! 😕 All back to normal now (I hope).

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