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Monday, 31 August 2015

given in to temptation,


Well, I blame the beautiful designs and fabrics around us :-)

I have been doing a lot of hand stitching recently, mainly applique. I need a break, I want to play with my sewing machine for a while, make most of my tidy room, while it lasts!
So when I saw "Cool Flying Geese" quilt design in the new Simply Moderne magazine by Quiltmania, I just could not resist.
The main part of the quilt is made up of thirty sets of four large flying geese blocks. I love flying geese, I am glad I have found such a simple, but stunning design.

Most of the fabrics used are by Kaffe Fassett and I am sticking with it, I love them; plus some others to complement.

This is first six sets of flying geese, in no particular order.
They are quick and easy to do, just what I need at the moment.

I wish you all a busy stitching week!

© 2015

Saturday, 22 August 2015

have a quick look, it won't last

There must have been something in the air recently, quite a few bloggers have been sorting their rooms, or at least their fabric stash.
My room also got to the point when I just did not want to be in there, and definitively did not encourage any creativity. So this was a job for a couple of rainy days; sort our few books for a charity shop, fold and put away fabrics no longer in use, or at least put them in relevant project boxes, dust and clean. 
I got into a habit to have separate project boxes for each project, with all relevant fabrics, threads etc; I find this really works for me, because I tend to go from one project to another, depending on a mood.

I haven't yet got around to "de-stashing", I don't think I am quite ready for it.

So welcome to my work room;
 it is smaller than my room in our previous house, but I still have my room, which is the main thing. But of course, smaller fills up quicker.

It is just of the upstairs landing; DH took the door of - it is not needed and it gives me more space.

This is my pride and joy, 
the Nova Horn cabinet , which I bought when I was still working full time. It doesn't get folded away very often, I like to have my sewing machine "on stand by".
But of course the air lift system allows the machine to be pushed down out of the way and cabinet to be be fully closed.

DH cut me a piece of wood to go across the top when the machine is lowered, so I can use it as a working desk.

Next to the Horn cabinet is a draw unit with all my threads.

In the corner is a small craft table which I use for cutting out fabrics,

and behind me are bookshelves and a large storage unit for my fabrics, knitting wool, buttons....and magazines on the top.

Hanging by the window is a small ironing board, which I can put across the top of the low units when I need to.

I hope you all are having a creative weekend!

© 2015

Friday, 21 August 2015

return to St Germain

This week I finished block no 3 of Mrs Beasley's Sampler quilt, most of it indoors, because the weather has been unpredictable; we had some nice days earlier in the week, but wet again since mid week. At least it is not cold.

Blocks no 1 & 2.
They all need a good pressing.
Block no 4 is yet to be published.

It has been a while since I did any work on the St Germain quilt; I think I needed a rest from all those leaves :-)

So I am now preparing the second part of the outer border.
I will try to mirror the first part as much as I can.

Our garden is 2 years old, and at last it is starting to attract more wild life.
By planting trees we made it easy for birds to visit; the blackbird and his young have actually stripped most of the berries from the young rowan tree already!
Some days, when the sun is out, the garden is buzzing with bees, and they particularly love marjoram and oregano in my herb patch.
Unfortunately the White Cabbage butterfly has made himself at home, laying his eggs and so leaving us with too many caterpillars.
But this beauty, the Red Admiral, is a pleasure to see, first time since we moved in.

I wish you all a busy stitching weekend!
Thank you for your visit.

© 2015

Monday, 17 August 2015

Mid - Somerset Show 2015

Mid Somerset Agricultural Society

also known as Shepton Show, is a one-day agricultural show, which was founded more than 160 years ago.
The entry is free and besides the usual farm livestock, large and small, horses and dogs, various competitions - cheese, crafts, cider..., there was lots of other interesting things to see, something for everyone.

old, old and not so old 

this lovely lady let me play with her loom

the last 3 rows are mine :-)

This is just a very small sample, there was lots, lots more.

© 2015

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