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Friday, 30 April 2010

hapazome obsession

Some more experiments today, I am slowly learning which plants are good for this and which are not. I found that the colours don't always come out the way you expect. The best result so far are with leaves. Geranium petals have come out quite well. The little blue flowers are lilac and pink phlox. Dark hellebores flowers have also made an interesting picture. I wonder about poppy petals, but it will a while yet before they come out. I am looking forward to trying this with more flowers and leaves, as they come out. I have tried to wash one of the less successful samples and found that the colour is holding quite well, so at the moment I don't see a need for any other fixative.
But I better leave this for now and get on with something else.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

hapazome experiment-result

This is the final result of my hapazome experiment today. Considering that this was my first attempt and I was doing it while my grandson was asleep and I was aware of the fact that I would have to pack it all up if he woke, the result is not bad at all. Actually, I am very pleased with it.
The best pictures came from leaves or flowers with thin petals, so I will keep experimenting with various plants. I will definitely try to do some embroidery on one of the samples.

hapazome experiment

I watched this technique on BBC2 last night, programme called The Edible Garden. I have since downloaded it onto iPlayer, so I can watch it again, in case this goes horribly wrong.
Basically the idea is to transfer images of leaves or flowers onto a natural fabric, in this case I have used calico. They have to be fresh, not dried. You lay the object between two sheets of fabric and beat the hell out of it (they called it pummeling), I used the smooth end of a meat tenderizer. When you peel of the mess left behind, you should be left with a print.
Use a hot iron to set the picture.
So, this is me having a go at hapazome printing.
I started with a lot of ambition as you can see. As it was rather wet in the garden, I started with what I could find indoors.
This didn't go well....

So I did start bringing stuff from the garden...

Some thing worked better the others, I realized that it is no good using anything too fleshy, the thin leaves worked best.


Our son is back in UK, hurrah.

And so are our house martins, after a long winter away in South Africa. It is just so incredible, that such a small bird can make a just a long journey. At the moment there are 4 pairs, busily repairing their nests below our roof.

Watching the television last night I learned about hapazome, a Japanese technique of transferring flowers and leaves directly into a fabric, amazing and so simple. I can't wait to try it out. So much inspiration for embroidery.
At the moment I can't find any reference to a book on the subject.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

quiet day

It has been a hectic week, so it is nice to have a quiet Sunday at home. It is raining now, first time since Easter, very welcome for the garden. They promised us a sunny weather back as from Monday.
Text from our son, all well, but still waiting.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

embroiderers guild workshop-dorset buttons

The history of Dorset buttons goes back to 1700, when this craft was brought to England by ex-soldier Abraham Case. When in the army, he was stationed in Belgium and France, where he probably saw lace and buttons being made.
On his return he settled in Shaftesbury, Dorset and set up the Dorset button cottage industry. Dorset buttons were used on court dress and also exported to North America and Europe. At the peak of the production there were about 1,000 employed by the industry.
In 1859 the Ashton's Button machine was invented, which was the end of the cottage industry and livelihood of many people.
There had been attempts to revive the craft in the past and lets hope it will not be forgotten.

I made may first Dorset buttons a few years ago, but like so often, I moved on to other things.

So it was nice to be able to attend another workshop and refresh what I had learned before, specially as Dorset is local to us. This time the buttons were part of a stitching sample.

life effected by vulcano ash in Iceland

It is 24th April, our son was due home last Sunday, the 18th. He is still stranded in Hong Kong, waiting for a flight to London. The first definite booking he was given is 7th May (!!!). 2 days ago he was told that he is on a list for a possible flight sometimes next week!?

Friday, 23 April 2010

the stitch and creative crafts fair

This is an annual fair I go to every year, mainly because it is quite close to my home. I don't think it is as good as it use to be, mainly because it has increasingly been taken over by card making and there is less textiles and embroidery then there use to be. But I managed to make some purchases to replenish my stash!

I have also met a couple of interesting textile artists I have not seen before, Ruth Brown (www.stonecreeksilk.co.uk) and Margaret Beal, information about her can be found at www.thetextiledirectory.com.

workshop 20.04.10-Hansons

As always, it was a very enjoyable day with Beppy Berlin (see "first stumpwork" post in March). This time she showed us how to embroider needle lace flowers in Elizabethan Stumpwork technique. We had a choice of various flowers,
I chose to make a rose.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

more pictures from the garden

It has been confirmed, our son is well and trully stuck in Hong Kong, where he stopped to visit a friend for a few days, on the way from his holiday in Australia . He was due to fly home today. Only Mother Nature knows when this problem will go away. We are having glorious weather, with hardly any wind, but this will not get rid of the vulcanic dust from Iceland, which is sitting over northen Europe.

embellished fabric book-project4-treasures from the attic

This is just a little fantasy from my lace stash. I seemed to have accumulated a quite a lot of bits of old lace from various places, some from antique shops, some from my kind friend who was trying to reduce her stash! I need to do a large project to "deal" with all that lace.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

morning walk

We went for an early morning walk in the woods today and picked some wild garlic to cook with our roast chicken tomorrow (tip from my daughter).

I have finished stitching the embroidered panel for the "Infinity" cushion and I look forward to making up the cushion. But it is too beautiful outside today, it is not a day for staying in.

Friday, 9 April 2010

stitching in the garden

What a beautiful weather we are having!
I spent the whole afternoon stitching in the garden, first time this year, what a joy! I didn't go in until 6 o'clock, we would be lucky to get days like this in the summer.
I started a new quilt, one of Natalie Lymer designs. It includes a lot of embroidery, so it was nice to be able to take it outside.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter decorations

embellished fabric book-project3-box of chocolates

Another page for my fabric book. I got inspired by a birthday card I saw in a shop and wanted to have a go at reproducing it in some form of stitchery.
Perhaps it's the time to start working on a cover for my book. I have a peace of nice green silk I want to use for it, I just have to think about the design. Small detail!?

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