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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

first peony

I took this picture this morning, the first peony is out. As you can see, the bees love it!

Monday, 7 June 2010

casalguidi embroidery

I have started this sample project in the Casalguidi embroidery. I had not heard about this type of embroidery before when I saw it in the book by Via Laurie. Originally whitework, this type of raised embroidery was developed in Tuscan village of Casalguidi in Italy in 19th century. It was popular for embellishing bags and clothes, as well as household linen. It always has a base of four-sided stitch, on which the embroidery is then worked. The flower in the middle is called Venetian rosette, worked with six buttonhole-stitch petals, and it is very distinctive of Casal-guidi embroidery.
There is a touch of stumpwork about it.
So far I have not been able to find any more books on the subject, only one on Amazon, which is astronomically expensive.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

new schwalm book

This is another recent addition to my bookshelf, a book on Schwalm embroidery. It was recommended to me by Linda, a friend blogger from Australia. It was written by a German lady, Luzine Happel, who comes from the area where the Schwalm embroidery originates.
I had to order the book directly from the author, e-mail
It is a very well written book, with very clear instruction and photographs. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Schwalm embroidery. I consider it better then the book I had already, by Christine Bishop. Although I will still carry on with the sampler from Christine Bishop's book, I look forward to making a tablecloth from Luzine's book.

sunday morning in the garden

I would like to say thank you to all of you who commented on my garden.

May be because this year we had a lot colder and longer winter the we normally have in this part of England and the plants could go into a proper hibernation, and due to a long warm and sunny weather he have been enjoying so far, all the garden is looking good. There were some casualties of the last winter, the biggest was our fig tree. It is a something we have got use to. We live quite high up, with open fields at the back of the garden and lovely views, but that is at a price. We get high winds here, mainly in the autumn and winter.
We also have a quite high rainfall here, that is why everything is so green. Ideal conditions for the local dairy industry, most of the fields around here are for grazing.

Some of the roses no longer have names, they have been with us so long, even moved house some 16 years ago, like this one.

The poppies have now opened too, they look very fragile, as if they were made out of a tissue paper.

When I walked around the garden this morning, I managed to take a picture of a blue tit feeding his young.

Friday, 4 June 2010

dublin bay

This is a first bloom on a beautiful climbing rose, called Dublin Bay. It has been in our garden many years, but is has never failed to surprise. It is not fragrant, but it makes up for it in its show of blooms.
This is not the best picture, but it was not easy to take due to the position of the flower. I will take more pictures later on.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth

Today I spent a day at an agricultural show with my daughter and grandchildren. It is annual show not far from us and it is nice to take the children to see various farm animals.
When I returned home, tired, after a long and hot day, I found a parcel from a fellow blogger. Some time ago she won this beautiful book in a competition on Country Bumpkin site, Due to some error, she ended up with two books. So, being a very generous person, she decided to run her own competition on her blog,, via Country Bumpkin Forum, with an agreement of Country Bumpkin. I am not normally a person who wins anything, but I entered anyway and to my huge surprise, I won!
So, I am now a proud owner of this beautiful book, signed by the author Susan O'Connor. Not only is this book full of beautiful embroidery, but there is also an interesting historical background at the start of the book. It is a book to treasure.

Thank you, Kiwidutch, for your kindness and generosity, and thank you Country Bumpkin for publishing such a beautiful book. And of course,
I am grateful to Susan O'Connor, for writing the book on the first place.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

finnished project

A cushion with hardanger applique finished at last.

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