Tuesday, 31 October 2017

sometimes it needs a blitz

Because I like to have several projects on a go at the same time, I am very good at organising them.
Each new projects gets its own project box, which includes most of the materials I plan to use (fabrics, threads, yarn, needles etc).  That's the exiting bit.
So whenever I feel like working on any of them, I pick up a particular box and just get on with it.

But what I am not very good at is "filing" it all back, when I finish a project.
And so my room sometimes ends up being a chaos, no space to create.
Action is needed....

That's better!

I like this storage system by Really Useful Storage Boxes .

And they come in so many different sizes.

The threads are stored in ArtBin boxes, 
for which DH made me a simple cabinet, so the boxes can be used as draws.

I love my Horn sewing machine cabinet, it has been with me many years.
I keep it permanently open, but when I need some desk space, 
I just push the machine down and put a wooden board across the top.

And at last I got around to allocating a box for small fabric scraps for applique.

For a tiny room I have a lot of storage here.
I just need to keep it tidy!

P.S. If you have tried to leave a comment on my blog in the last couple of days and did not managed to do it, or have not received an answer from me, I apologise. It was because I was "fiddling" with the system and managed to mess it up! 😕 All back to normal now (I hope).

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  1. Great room and storage boxes. Funny how quickly our rooms get cluttered with projects, all part of our quilting journey.

  2. here I am looking at your room so tidy and sighing!

  3. Oh, love those fabric boxes!!!! Your sewing room looks a cozy place.

  4. Great to see your sewing room. I love the fact that you have a few projects on the go all ready to pick up again when the fancy takes you. Also the photo of your blog diaries. Such a good idea. My reverse applique hare is on hold as we are having a workshop in the new year to work on backgrounds for our meadow stitching. I am working on a Gail Pan Xmas embroidery and using reverse applique for the panels.

  5. That is sooo organised and looks very inviting to escape to your favourite things.

  6. Such a perfectly organised room - just the way it has to be when space is short. And lots of light too. Love those storage boxes - such a brilliant range of sizes. xx


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