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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

starting indigo quilt

I have been really busy last few days, including a workshop with Tiggy Rawling yesterday, but that will be another post, when I'll finish a project started at the workshop.

I have at last started working on the Indigo quilt. I have stitched together all the pieces, plus the wadding and the backing.
I don't have a clear plan, but my intention is to cover each section in some embroidery, Indian or some other form of ethnic stitching.

To make a start (a warm up), I have been playing with some stitches and mirrors.


Katherine said...

looking forward to watching the indigo quilt evolve

Linda said...

It looks great so far, but then I'm a BIG fan of indigo print fabrics. I will watch how it evolves, and best of luck with it. Time is rushing by so quickly these days. Oh, BTW, I love the daffodils in the header photo, sooooooooo pretty!!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hey, it's looking good! Looking forward to the next installment - no pressure!

Gudrun said...

It looks great!
Blue--always so nice.
Hugs Gudrun

Diane-crewe said...

projects like this that evolve as you go along are wonderful, I think the mirrors are a great idea as they add movemment and shimmer xx have fun x

DIAN said...

Beautiful fabric - I like the idea of the embroidery and mirrors. It will be a unique quilt.

Mette said...

Lovely creations! Glad to hear about your good news as well!

Annemariesquilt said...

Wonderful blue quilt Radka.. I love blue's...
Have fun stitching !!

Frances Leate said...

Indigo is a wonderful colour choice for a quilt and it looks stunning. Spring is certainly in the air with your lovely new header. Take care.

Mariângela Maciel said...

Oi Amiga

Desculpa a demora para aparecer por aqui, mas ando muito ocupada ultimamente.
Fico feliz quando venho, pois encontro muita coisa linda e delicada, vc é uma Artista de verdade, Parabéns!

Fique com Deus!

...tiktakro... said...

I love shisha mirrors, too...they bring good feng-shui to the quilt.So this will be a lucky quilt. ;)
Must I say that I love blue, too ? :D I just wait to see the following embroideries that you'll make. I bet they will be superbe....Quite anxious. You know me ;).
Keep stitching!

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